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  • Informative Paper On Internal Medicine

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    improving, very few patients can afford the care they need. This is where an Internal Medicine specialist, or Internist, comes into play. In my interview with Dr. Stephanie Altobellis, she explained that Internists don’t just treat patients, but also advocate for them in nearly every aspect of the healthcare system. Thesis: Thus today, I want to share the three main things I learned about the field of Internal Medicine. First, what exactly is an Internist and what kinds of problems do they treat

  • Internal Medicine : What Makes Boulevard Unique?

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    Internal Medicine: What Makes Boulevard Unique? Excellent health care is a major concern for families and individuals across the country. Finding knowledgeable and experienced practitioners is not always easy. If you live in the Bronx, you may have already discovered Boulevard Medical Healthcare, the Bronx’s top primary care provider. Boulevard Medical Healthcare provides comprehensive medical services to families and individuals, as well as offering both employment and immigration physicals.

  • Personal Statement : Internal Medicine

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    Personal Statement: Internal Medicine It all began when I was eight years, my father and I were waiting patiently in our community health center to see the doctor because I had a fever. Few minutes later, a young man stepped out from a wooden door wearing a long white coat with a stethoscope gently resting around his neck. I turned to my father and asked “Dad, is that an Angel”? My father replied, “No son that is the doctor we came to see”. This experience opened up my dream to become a physician

  • The General Internal Medicine Ward

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    “A lot of the appeal of internal medicine is Sherlockian – solving the case from the clues. We are detectives; we revel in the process of figuring it all out. It’s what doctors most love to do” Lisa Sanders. Reflecting on my clinical rotation in the general internal medicine ward, I worked on a variety of cases. I got to work with a patient who had cirrhosis secondary to Hepatitis C infection, a patient who had COPD and developed right sided heart failure, a patient who had an un-witnessed heart

  • Essay Personal Statement For Internal Medicine

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    position in your prestigious Internal Medicine residency program. My passion for Internal Medicine started during my very first Internal Medicine rotation when I was a fourth year medical student. I immediately knew that I was meant to be an Internist. I fitted in perfectly. The vast sea of knowledge mastered by Internists and the multiple different diseases they were exposed to simply astonished me. I found that Internal Medicine was, in fact, the essence of medicine. I truly believe there is no

  • A Brief Note On Internal Medicine And Nursing Essay

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    This belief, no doubt has influenced my choice of career and specialty. Internal medicine is my number one specialty. I love this specialty because it provides me the opportunity to solve varied medical problems ranging from acute care to management of chronic disease. Just like solving a puzzle, an internist applies critical thinking, sound science in preventing, diagnosing and treating varied adult diseases. Internal Medicine is an ever evolving discipline and requires continuous and persistent updating

  • Internal Medicine : An Investigative Mind And Deep Observation Of Things

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    However, refuting all the doubts, I graduated with grace. I am drawn towards internal medicine because I feel I have an investigative mind and deep observation of things. I enjoy the intellectual challenge it offers. Working on different systems in the body, putting various pieces of information together like a jigsaw puzzle to create a clear picture at the end is very interesting about this field. Internal medicine is also exciting because of its vast realm of knowledge and continually evolving

  • Internal Medicine Personal Statement Is The Mystery Of The Human Body

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    Internal Medicine Personal Statement Since high school I was mesmerized by the mystery of the human body. I always wanted to study the structure of the smallest cells. Nevertheless, my admiration for the noble work of doctors in helping people and relieving the suffering of others was one of my primary reasons for wanting to pursue a career in medicine. Being born in a family that has always encouraged utilizing our inherent gifts to the fullest extent, I have excelled in every academic venture

  • My Clinical Placement For The University Hospital 's Internal Medicine Essay

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    My clinical placement for the fall 2016 is in the UW Health East Clinic’s Internal Medicine, which is located in 5249 E. Terrace Drive, Madison, WI. The UW East Clinic operates under the healthcare entities of the UW Medical Foundation. The purpose of this paper is to explore practice setting of the internal medicine and role of my preceptor. Practice Setting The Internal Medicine providers offer comprehensive diagnostic and primary care services to general population. The providers are involved

  • Statement Of Internal Medicine

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    illness, and my natural inquisitiveness only increased as I got older. By the time I joined medical school, it was very clear to me that in this field I would be dealing with the most precious thing in the world: human life. I truly believe that medicine is a service to humanity because of the big difference a physician can make in a patient's life. During medical school, I enjoyed the opportunity to rotate through the various wards of the hospital, where I encountered scores of different types