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  • Shortcomings of International Regimes Essay

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    Shortcomings of International Regimes International regimes are overloaded with high expectations to address rising conflicts caused by major actors in international relations. Their relative universality in comparison to domestic governance leads to state dependence on international organizations, law, and norms to combat the surmountable power of major actors to shape world politics. Although regimes possess the potential to shape the actions of and constrain major actors in international politics

  • The International Whaling Regime Essay

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    The International Whaling Regime In his article, “Whale Mining, Whale Saving,” Sidney Holt states, “saving the whales is for millions of people a crucial test of their political ability to halt environmental destruction”(Holt 1985). In a world where environmental issues are often so vast that solving them seems impossible, it is rare to encounter a regime which successfully addresses these problems. If we judge a regime’s effectiveness by its ability to change the behavior of its members and

  • Winners and Losers in the Contemporary International Trade Regime

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    winners and losers in the contemporary international trade regime and how do international institutions affect this distribution? This essay will provide an analysis on the nature and consequences of winning and losing in the global trading regime, not limited to the international distribution of gains and losses from trade, but also looking at domestic distribution of wealth as a consequence from e ngaging in the traditionally neo-liberal global trading regime. Such an analysis will be done through

  • The Descent Of A Regime From A To An Oligarchy

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    To understand the descent of a regime from a timocracy to an oligarchy, first the tenets of a timocracy must be understood. A timocracy first comes into being due to human error of the guardians. The guardians are not perfect, so when choosing the next generation of guardians to educate, they will not always choose the best candidates. Since the current guardians will not always select the children with gold souls, the aristocracy will eventually degenerate into a less just society. Some new rulers

  • Uk Pre Goal Setting Regime

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    UK Pre Goal Setting Regime Regulating health and safety offshore has been a challenge due to its intricate and hostile environment. In the 1960’s the UK first adopted a self-regulatory approach by the industry that was: ‘not subject to any detailed regulatory stipulations or inspections’ . The Government made it a basic obligation in the licence that licensees must comply with such instruction from the Minister . The minister however had not thought about what these may be. Conveniently the Code

  • Ipa Cheat Sheet

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    AIPA 2: UNDERSTANDING ACTORS, INTERESTS & POWER Institutions  Basic level – states exist to provide (1) defence and (2) social order  this requires the presence of a functioning economy.  State not only produces, consumes and redistributes; it’s also the main source and enforcer of “rules of games”.  “Rules of games” are institutions  institutional quality is related to economic performance.  Evidence: No country has gotten rich with bad institutions. Politics  Politics is the process of creating

  • The International Human Rights Regime Has Its Weaknesses And Flaws

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    Ram Chadha HR Final Exam The question that states that the international human rights regime does not have a hard enforcement mechanism and until there are serious consequences to violations, states won’t comply with human rights is a topic I happen to disagree with. I realize the international human rights regime has its weaknesses and flaws. However, these weaknesses are due to inescapable aspects of our disordered global society, especially the principle of state sovereignty. At the end

  • Information Is A Source Of Power In International Relations.

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    Information is a source of power in international relations. Technology is the capability by which states store information. More so now than ever, countries heavily rely on information technology and data storage in order to facilitate the basic functioning of a state. However, when any state places enough importance on a resource of power, that resource becomes a target. An attack on informational structures of a state are cyber-attacks or “the use of computational technologies in cyberspace for

  • The Main Factors Of The Democratic Breakdowns And Which Are The Factors That Affect The Political System?

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    To explain the different approaches to the democratic breakdowns and which are the factors that enlighten this phenomenon it is been highly important in the comparative literature, because it allows us to observe and give reasons about the different process of the countries in their political development. One of the question that we must answer for this week reading is: One of the classic accounts of democratic breakdown, by Juan Linz, argues that “Breakdown is the result of processes initiated by

  • The Dictator 's Learning Curve By William J. Dobson

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    and even fueled the emotion driven actions of the people not only of Egypt, but in Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and even into China later on. We saw countries pay their way out of the Arab Spring, block social media, and force propagandized local and international news. In the book The Dictator’s Learning Curve by William J. Dobson, there is a chapter where he visits China during the Arab Spring and states that CNN was blocked throughout China to stop any threats, and to stop the Chinese citizens from seeing