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  • The Hare Krishna Movement: Immigration And Naturalization Act Of 1965

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    years and decades, these immigrants began to occupy a prominent role in the American religious landscape, including many NRMs. With these events in mind, this essay seeks to situate the Hare Krishna movement—a successful Hindu-based NRM also known as ISKCON, or the International Society for Krishna Consciousness—in the context of immigration and the counterculture at large. Unlike other Hindu NRMs, ISKCON utilizes contemporary English translations of Hindu scriptures and represents a decidedly Western

  • Buddhism and Hinduism in America Essay

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    founder and spiritual master of ISKCON, International Society of Krishna Consciousness.

  • Essay about Women in Buddhism

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    Hinduism is so entwined in Indian culture, as I have shown, that most other cultures have a difficult time assimilating Hinduism into their own society. Even when Hinduism is assimilated into a culture, such as Hindu movements in the United States, women are sure to find discrimination in not only the traditional gurus and swamis who are teaching them, but sexist commentaries deeply ingrained

  • The Movement Of Indi The Struggle Of The Power Left A Young Iskcon Shaken

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    Many of these challenges stemmed from Prabhupada’s death in 1977, which “left a young ISKCON shaken”. Although the movement was growing rapidly, it still relied heavily on the charismatic authority of Prabhupada, and his death created deep uncertainties within the organization’s leadership. As the organization scrambled to fill the void in institutional power left by its founder, there was a significant “movement of Indians into local positions of power, which had a [stabilizing influence on] many

  • Essay On Moksha And Bhagavad Gita

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    Moksha and Bhagavad Gita As we all know, the Bhagavad Gita is a narrative framework of dialogues between Lord Krishna and His disciple Warrior Arjuna. There are 18 chapters with 700 verses in it. This book has been revered by some senior executives like president Obama and is often gifted to top leaders of the world by us Indians. This reading has been compared with the best of management and “well being” books and we Indians pride ourselves as being the land of the Gita. Yours Truly has

  • My First Temple Research Paper

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    terrible Catechism experience Amy was very open and again willing to answer any questions we may have. She mentioned having practiced under a guru and being awarded her prayer beads. We started out doing a simple chant 20 times “Hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare!” which I swear I only flubbed about 5 times. Best part about being in a group, no one knows when you distinctively mess up, my dearest apologies

  • A Vist to Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple on Clark and Lunt

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    Rama Hare Krishna” temple, located on Clark and Lunt, founded by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. A temple is a place of worship for followers of Hinduism. The important aspect of a Hindu temple is that it not only focuses on communal worship but it also serves as the home of God; most temples “enshrine Vishnu, Shiva, or the Goddess and their encourages.” Although it is not mandatory to visit a temple, it is considered to be a vital role in the Hindu community. The “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” was the

  • Practical Explanation Of The Lord Krishna

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    week, month, year or your whole life ?? if you are not able to tell me about this life then what proof do you have that you didn 't forget your past ? and that you will not forget this present life in the future ? that is Fact that Supreme Lord Krishna exists but we posses no such intelligence to understand him. there is also next life. and i already proved you that no scientist, no politician, no so-called intelligent man in

  • Heffron V. US Supreme Court Case Study

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    In Heffron v. International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Inc., the Supreme Court of the United States upheld a regulation of the Minnesota State fair, Rule 6.05, which restricted soliciting monetary donations and required all persons and groups selling or distributing literature to a fixed location on the fairgrounds. Plaintiff, International Society for Krishna Consciousness, wished to practice Sankirtan at the fair, a religious ritual in which believers meet members of the public with flowers

  • Assess the Sociological Explanations for the Growth of New Religious Movements.

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    Assess the sociological explanations for the growth of new religious movements. By: Amy Rashid Over the years, there has been a growth of new religious movements in the society. This growth can be explained in terms of why people chose to join the movements or in terms of wider social changes. Hence, in this essay, I shall discuss several sociological explanations for this occurrence. Firstly, Steve Bruce (1995, 1996) attributes the development of a range of religious institutions, including