Into the Void

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  • Void And The Void

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    and urban voids came into prominence. So, what is the void? How is it designed? And how can the void contact its inside and outside? or What is the potential of voids? Many theorists, architects, and philosophers have asked these questions for over two thousand year but answers are still uncertain. As a general thing, the void is about absence instead of existence, or about nothing instead of a thing. However, it may be said that void as emptiness is defined with a mutual understanding. Void as a conceptual

  • Assignment On Void And Void

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    #include using namespace std; void options(); void getnameFile(char nameFile[]); void readFile(int row, char column, int number, char input, char nameFile[], int board[][9]); void displayBoard(int board[][9]); void editBoard(int row, char column, int number, int board[][9]); void getCompute(int row, char column, int number, int board[][9]); void computeValues(int row, char column, int number, int board[][9]); void saveBoard(int board[][9]); void interact(int row, char column, int

  • Void Of Ambition

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    A life void of thought is empty. A life void of emotion is empty. A life void of passion is empty. Passion is as much a part of our thriving existence as joy and sorrow, anger and wonder. Without emotion, our comprehension of the world around us is jaded; we are essentially lifeless. Passion or lack thereof, creates the same effect. Passion for some is a guiding light set to give life purpose. Competitive cycling is my passion. It has taught me some of life’s most valuable lessons, it has taken

  • Questions On ' The Void '

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    <time.h> #define BOARD_SIZE 6 #define TRUE 0 #define FALSE 1 char board[BOARD_SIZE][BOARD_SIZE]; char game_board[BOARD_SIZE][BOARD_SIZE]; int lost = 0; void hidden_mine_board(); void final_game_board(); void all_the_mines(); void begin_the_board(); void show_it_all(); void begin(); int play_on(); void want_a_rematch(); int check_win(); void check_for_mine(int, int); int check_for_nearby_mines(int, int); int main() { printf("Hannah Switch, 112899916, Final Project "); printf("This program allows

  • Touching the Void

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    Part B: Personal Reflection Explain what you have learnt about the concept of Overcoming Adversity after viewing the file ‘Touching the Void’? Use examples from the movie to assist your explanation. I have learnt a lot about overcoming adversity from viewing the film, ‘Touching the Void’. The first thing I learned from the film, was the true meaning of adversity, I learnt that it was any time when you are great misfortune, whether it is big or small. Another important thing and probably the

  • Int Oddbits ( Void )

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    int oddBits(void) { int one = 0x49; int two = one | one<<< 17; return three; } int sign(int x) { /*negative and all the way right*/ return ((!x^1)|(x >> 31)); } int byteSwap(int x, int n, int m) { /*shifts by bytes*/ int n1 = n<<<< n1) & x; int mB = (0xFF << m1) & x; int both = (0xFF << n) | 0xFF << m; /*bytes back*/ int nBB = (nB>>n) & 0xFF; int mBB = (mB >> m) & 0xFF; /*new position*/ int nBBB = nBB<<<<<<>8&0xFF; int three = x>>16&0xFF; //int four = x>>24&0xFF;//

  • Void and Illegal Contracts

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    Void and Illegal Contracts Void Contracts Void contracts are basically those which contravene a provision in a statute or are contrary to public policy at common law but to which the ex turpi causa principle does not apply. Void by Statute A statute may declare expressly that a particular contract is void, eg s 45 of the Trade Practices Act 1974 which provides that clauses purporting to exclude, restrict, or modify the liability of a corporation imposed by Division 2 Part V of the Act (that

  • Enter The Void Essay

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    Enter The Void (2010) is a film about a young man, Oscar who lives with his sister in Tokyo, Japan. He is shot dead by police whilst taking hallucinogenic drugs and becomes trapped in an intermediate state of existence; his soul drifting high above the streets of the red-light district of Tokyo watching over his now completely alone sister on a hallucinatory journey, intoxicated, neon-lit with daring aesthetics that have to be seen to be believed. Gasper Noé is a director who is never afraid of unnerving

  • The Void Short Story

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    At the beginning of time there was nothing but an empty void and the Goddess Etia and her friends. They were, Vektune, Goddess Of Endings, who had flowing white hair and wore a light purple gown. Jyjun, God Of Beginnings, who had short black hair, wore a grey shirt and wore knee length pants. Ehgyn, Goddess Of Fortune, she had purple hair and wore a peach colored dress. Zuarus, God Of Prosperity, he had short blond hair, wore a red shirt and white pants. Etia, Goddess of Creation, she had her blue

  • The Void: A Short Story

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    me would have been the same. I was hollow, and no amount of someone else's blood would fill me. And so I stood, staring, letting that numbness overtake my essence. I found it easier to feel nothing than to feel at all, and accepted that emotionless void without question. I felt my body recoil from my attack, pressing my weight onto my hind legs. My body felt it, but my mind did not. I let my head fall lower, tucking it away from Sparky. Hide, hide, hide, become nothing.