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  • Lab Report On Characteristics Of Hydrates

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    drates Name: Anna Dais Partner’s Name: Avery Anderson Thursday 3:10-6pm 9/7/17 CHMY 141-218 TA: Mackenzie Lynes Introduction The purpose of this lab was to explore the characteristics of hydrates. Hydrates are solid ionic compounds that contain water that is chemically bound to the crystal. In doing this lab, the percentage of water contained in various hydrates, if dehydration is a reversible or irreversible change, and the mathematical relationship between starting mass and mass lost. As there

  • Fire Wellbeing Research Paper

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    the utilization of intumescent material on touchy ranges around the region is very inclined to high measures of dampness. Inumescent material is fundamentally a substance that extends when presented to warm, subsequently keeping the spread of flame and is typically introduced in channels, squeaks and certain ranges inside the house. In the event that your neighborhood fire station lets you know that you have a high dampness range, you might need to supplant your intumescent material more frequently

  • Elias Wexler

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    Elias Wexler is CEO of DeltrexUSA, President of New York Chapter of the Romanian American Chamber of Commerce and President of Emeritus Zero International/Allegion, LLC. Elias Wexler is a prominent and innovative entrepreneur and engineer. For the last 25 years, he has served as the President and CEO of Zero International, Inc., a group of companies from the Bronx known for creative, effective, and affordable approaches to construction material needs, with an international scope. Through his leadership

  • The Making Of Tesla Motor Inc. Essay

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    It is evident that the practices of modeling, simulation and prototyping produce optimal results and saves a lot of resources and time however, these practices should not be overused to produce results. They can sometimes produce results related to incorrectly defined problem and overconfidence on these results can be catastrophic. It is necessary to properly understand the boundaries of a defined system and or a problem statement that will permit the use of the techniques, as well as limitation

  • A Brief Note On Managers And Rescue Services

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    > > MANAGERS AND > ‘responsible people’ in hotels and similar > premises have a number of requirements placed on them by > fire safety legislation and in response to the changing role > of the fire and rescue service.; Given the significant risk > to > life safety from a fire within these types of buildings, it > is not uncommon for fire and rescue services to undertake > routine inspections, to ensure that suitable and sufficient > provisions have been put in place to protect the occupants > from

  • Pricing Books Are A Direct Method For Applying Rates

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    Pricing books are a direct easy to use method for applying rates. One possible method would be the use of independent pricing books. There are many options for pricing books, but the most popular and widely used within the construction industry are SPONS and Wessex. SPONS the cost data is updated yearly by Davis Langdon (AECOM) Common sources of published historical data used in industry include Spon’s Architects’ and builders Book and Laxton Building Price Book. Spon’s architects’ and builders book

  • Chitosan Case Study

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    ABSTRACT: In this account, phosphorylated chitosan (PCS) were first deposited on the surface of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) via chemical modification to obtain functionalized MWNTs-based PCS (PCS-MWNTs). Then, a series of PET fibers with MWNTs or PCS-MWNTs were prepared via melt spinning. The microstructure and molecular structure of MWNTs and PCS-MWNTs were characterized by field-emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) and Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR spectroscopy. The morphological