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  • The Inuit People Essay

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    The Inuit People The word Eskimo is not a proper Eskimo word. It means "eaters of raw meat" and was used by the Algonquin Indians of eastern Canada for their neighbours who wore animal-skin clothing and were ruthless hunters. The name became commonly employed by European explorers and now is generally used, even by them. Their own term for themselves is Inuit which means the "real people." The Inuit developed a way of life well-suited to their Arctic environment

  • The Inuit People: Eskimo Fight For Life

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    Artic strongly influences the culture surrounding the Inuit people, mirroring a hunter and gathers’ society, as shown in the film, Eskimo Fight for Life. The Inuit peoples shown in the film live in the Artic, where temperatures average -30 degrees Celsius and the land is barren. This extreme weather greatly impacts both the material and non-material culture of their society to ensure survival. For instance, this barren landscape forces the Inuit to make igloos out of snow in order to insulate themselves

  • Comparing the Inuits and the North-West People Essay

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    Comparing the Inuits and the north-west people We have been studying the people of the North West and Inuits. In this essay I will describe their differences and explain why they are different. They have a large variety of differences which had a large effect on lifestyles. Housing The Inuits lives in snow houses known as Igloos. They houses were made out of snow as it was plentiful in the area they lived in. The snow was many metres thick so it was ideal for insulating Igloos; this meant they

  • Rituals: The Inuit People

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    Many people, when they think of Native Americans, will think of dancing and strange rituals, which is not the case with the Inuit Tribe. The Inuit Tribe are located in the far Arctic North. Also known as the Eskimo, the Inuit people have adapted to live in the freezing temperatures. They live by some of the most common ways Native Americans do. They practice not to waste anything they kill and also practice making arts. The Inuit Tribe have many ways to survive in the wild even with the hardships

  • Jean L. Briggs Inuit People Summary

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    In this paper, I aim to summarize and critique the ethnographic work produced by Jean L. Briggs that studies the behaviour and emotive concepts of the Utkuhikhaligmiut Inuit people (hereafter referred to as the Utku people, as done by Briggs) (1970, 4). Briggs spent seventeen months living with the Utku people in the various seasonal settlements they occupy as she attempted to understand and explain their lifeways. The aim of the study conducted by Briggs (1970) shifted as her resources and interests

  • Blackfoot People Vs Inuit People

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    learned many interesting facts about the Inuit and the Blackfoot people. The Inuit and Blackfoot people had an interesting way of surviving. Both dressed differently, both had contact with the Europeans, and they hunted different animals to survive. The two tribes both dressed differently, I was actually surprised about because they both lived in the same time period. For example, the Blackfoot people didn't where as much clothing, and the Inuit people wore a lot of clothing such as huge winter

  • Inuit People

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    many interesting facts about the Inuit and the Blackfoot people. The Inuit and Blackfoot people had an interesting way of surviving, from the way that they dressed, to their contact with the Europeans to the animals that they hunted. The two tribes both dressed differently from each other, I was actually surprised about this because they both lived in the same time period. The Blackfoot people didn't where as much clothing as the Inuit people. The Inuit people wore a lot of clothing such as

  • Inuit People Research Paper

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    The Inuit People of Canada The Inuit of Canada are indigenous because they’ve lived around the region for over four thousand years, and they still practice their traditions and customs. In addition, the Inuit people have historical ties to regions in Canada along with historical distinctiveness from the rest of the Canadian population. These people live in the eastern areas of Canada and are called the Inuit which means “people” in their native language, Inuktitut. In the past, they lived in tents

  • History Of Inuit People

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    Inuit History Inuit people have been around for many many years. With all the years they’ve inhabited arctic areas, they made beautiful, fascinating art. They’re most widely known for their detailed stone carvings of various things. Today everyone admires the art just as much as they did when they first popped up. To begin with, Inuit people are mostly known for their stone carvings. As they say, the first carvings were made as toys for the children. They made things such as bears, seals, birds

  • Understanding The Inuit People

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    “The Inuit say that the stars are holes in heaven. And every time we see the people we loved shining through, we know they're happy. ” This Quote from Jodi Picoult describes the indigenous people of the arctic’s beliefs. The Inuit To fully appreciate the Inuit, you need to fully understand them first. The Inuit people speak Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, Inuvialuktun, and Greenlandic languages, which all belong to the Eskimo-Aleut language family and in Canada and Alaska, they speak English. The Inuit peoples’