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  • OPHD Investigation Report

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    9. Please explain how these messages were different than the text messages the Investigator referenced on pages 7 – 9 of the Report; They are the same messages that were in the Timeline, initial packet of documents and early emails I sent to the Investigator. These text messages establish that there was a pattern of physical and emotional abuse from the Complainant against me, which substantiates my reflexive and instinctive reaction to act in self-defense, being validly afraid of physical harm from

  • Forensic Investigation Report

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    lawyer determined it was within the rights of the school district to check Mr. Wilkens’ school owned computer for any evidence pertaining to the rumors. Principal Brady contracted, Clark Investigations to complete a forensic investigation of Mr. Wilkens’ work computer in relation to child-porn. The forensic investigation was completed after school hours when Mr. Wilkens was out of the room. Upon arrival,

  • Nfl Investigation Report

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    INVESTIGATIVE REPORT CONCERNING FOOTBALLS USED DURING THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME The conflict in this text is that the new England Patriots were using under inflated balls in the AFC Championship game. All eleven of the Patriots balls tested, measured below the minimum pressure level of 12.5 pounds per square inch (psi). The patriots won the championship game and advanced to win Super Bowl XLIX. The Indianapolis Colts felt as they bad been cheated and demanded the NFL to look into the balls. The

  • Independent Investigation Report

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    Investigation Report “How has your independent investigation impacted the development of your Major Work? Introduction: Assessment of Achievement of Purpose The central purpose and the theme of the anthology is to represent the effects of living an unfulfilled life. At the time of writing this report, the bulk of the poetry has been completed and so far, the narrative of the poems in their entirety, as well as each individual poem, fulfil this purpose. The anthology targets two very different

  • Dietary Investigation Report

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    Investigation Report: Human Reproduction Analyse dietary advice for pregnant women, particularly the recommended type and amount of food (for example, should they eat soft cheeses and ‘cured’ raw meet products. Pregnancy and birth are renowned as the two most amazing experiences in the lives of people. Pregnancy is the period of time in which the young, embryo, develops in the uterus of the mother. During pregnancy the embryo develops all the different types of cells, such as nerve, muscle and

  • Presentence Investigation Report

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    IN UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ) ) vs. ) PRESENTENC E INVESTIGATION REPORT ) Richard J. Machjokowski ) Docket No. CR 87-473-32-HDO ------------------------------------------------------ Prepared for: The Honorable Kathleen M. Brady U.S. District Judge Prepared by: Michelle A. Thomas U.S. Probation Officer

  • An Investigation Of A Burglary Report

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    On 6-20-2016 at about 1743 hrs I was dispatched to 407 6th ST NE for a residential burglary report. Enroute dispatched advised that the homeowner, Susan Cwanila, had called 911 to report a burglary to her residence. I arrived on scene and contacted Susan and her boyfriend, Wayne Briggs, who also lives at the address. Susan stated that they both left the residence this morning around 0800 hours and when they returned home they noticed that someone had forced entry to their residence. Susan stated

  • Minecraft Investigation Report

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    player was extremely obvious. For example: Spinning in circles but getting every hit, Anti-Knockback and speed hacks. For a player that has been reported once or twice, I would inspect the player and keep an eye on them. If in the case of several reports, I would freeze them, request for the

  • Presuptive Investigation Report

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    A presumptive is a test that is used to establish what type of body tissue or fluid is present at a crime scene. Therefore, it can be used to find serology evidence which consist of blood, semen or saliva. Furthermore, it can narrow down the possibilities of who was on the scene as well as what test is needed. It can also cover a large area; find evidence that is not visible to the naked eye because it could be blood, semen or saliva. Therefore, when it comes to testing blood at a crime scene there

  • Career Investigation Report

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    s prepared for Introduction to Sports Management, taught by Professor Dyer. Section 1: Personal Inventory 1.) I am a very nice, down to earth, humble kind of guy and I have ability to be a great leader and I lead by example. 3A.) Best Personal Accomplishments: 1.) Team Captain all fours years of my High School Varsity Tennis career and Captain my last two years on Varsity Football team. * Skills: Leader, reliable, respectful, determined, responsible, nice, great personality, extremely hard