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  • Importance Of Sports In My Life

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    enjoyed sports forever and the love has been handed down from generation to generation. Issues in sports have always been around and will continue to be around for ages. In my early elementary days, I played upwards of 5 sports. Flag and tackle football brought me joy because I could throw the ball to the receivers or run downfield if they were not open. My high school did not offer soccer; therefore, I did not continue to play during my elementary years because of baseball.

  • Basketball Rivalry In Basketball

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    spread world wide, but in Iowa there are no two teams more well known for basketball than the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones. A rivalry that started between the two colleges on February 5th, 1909, still continues today. Overall, the Iowa Hawkeyes lead in total wins against Iowa State with 44 while Iowa State has only beaten the Hawkeyes 26 times. Although both teams are proud Iowans, they have numerous differences in their records, coaches, and arenas. Since Hawkeye basketball began in 1892

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Our Trip To Iowa City

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    7:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 19, 2015 and we just left the house for our trip to Iowa City. My dad, my brother Ryan, and I all loaded everything up in the truck and we got in and took off. We always go every year to a few Iowa Hawkeye football games. You could almost say it’s becoming a tradition. “Do we have the tickets?” my brother asks. “Yes. They’re in the center console” responds my dad. The drive to Iowa City is a very long, boring drive. It mainly consists of listening to music on either

  • Coach Payne Character Profile

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    The Profile of Coach Payne Coach O.J. Payne is originally from Dubuque, Iowa and graduated from Dubuque West High School. He then attended Ellsworth Community College, where he would graduate with his AA degree before transferring to The University of Iowa. He went on to play three seasons for Coach Ferentz and the Iowa Hawkeyes. He returned to Ellsworth in 2004 to coach football and start a career in Housing Management. He has lived in every housing complex on campus except the College Suites,

  • Nile Kinnnick Research Paper

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    other wartime tragedy.” Although College Football ranked him as the ninth greatest college football player of all time, Nile Kinnick is perhaps best remembered, as Charles Bullard summed up in The Des Moines Register, for his strength of character and his sacrifice to his country (Lidd). Nile Kinnick was born on July 9, 1918 in Adel, Iowa, the grandson of a governor. He attended the University of Iowa after failing a football tryout at Minnesota. At Iowa, Kinnick became the team’s main passer. Kinnick

  • Expansion Of The College Football

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    Expand the College Football Playoff Many men go to work every single day, making big money for other people, and are the best at what they do in the country, yet they still do not get a chance to get a raise or promotion. The College Football Playoffs (CFP) decides the best college football team in the nation and declares an outright National Champion. The #4 Ohio State Buckeyes were crowned National Champions of the first ever College Football Playoffs and almost did not even get into the playoff

  • Three Biggest Stress Research

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    stressing about food and going to the gym because I do not want to go back to my obese days. Another one of my biggest stressors is my job. I am a security manager at a bar in Iowa City, meaning I am responsible for keeping everyone in the bar safe at all times. If you have ever been in downtown Iowa City during a Hawkeye Football game you know why my job is so stressful. Dealing with drunk young

  • Dan Gable

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    single attribute made Mr. Gable so special and unique? To pinpoint one certain accolade that made Gable a legend is almost too hard. Dan Gable had an almost normal life growing up as a boy; he began his fame by his wrestling accolades as an athlete at Iowa State University

  • Character Analysis Of A Good Man Down By Lee Jenkins

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    In, “A Good Man Down,” Lee Jenkins expresses the great respect a small town in Iowa has for their fallen high school football coach through the use of pathos, tone, and word choice. Pathos is used when the writer wants to get an emotional response from their readers. Lee Jenkins does this in many ways throughout this article. He begins the article with a heartfelt description of the late football coach, Ed Thomas. “The rest of the year, he liked to sit on his deck and watch a legend tend to the

  • Agriculture In Iowa

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    Agriculture in Iowa is one of the best in the United States, This is why living in Iowa in awesome. In this paper I will be telling you why living in Iowa is so great. I will also tell you a bunch about what makes Iowa so popular in Agriculture and I will also be telling you how and why Iowa is one of the best in the country for Agriculture. I personally think that Iowa is the best in the country for all agricultural use because of how much spare land that we have to build off of and all of the new