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  • Narrative on Brown v. Board of Education Exhibit Essay

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    Narrative Assignment Walking into a lecture hall in Gregory Hall, I really didn’t know what to expect. I dressed as I would any other day; an Abercrombie shirt, a pair of frayed shorts and some casual sandals. I sat towards the front of the room and arrived slightly early to ensure a good seat. The name of this Brown v. Board education discussion was entitled, "Rethinking Slavery: 1800-1861,” and was arranged by the Mellon initiative. As I waited to observe the audience

  • Ira Berlin Promise Land

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    Ira Berlin’s “The Making of African America: The Four Great Migrations” reminded me of an article that I read by Kevin Boyle in The New York Times titled ‘Promise Land’. In Promised Land Boyle shows how race overpowered his parent’s sense of place (land, family, history) when an African-American couple moved into their neighborhood in Detroit. After some time, they joined the rest of the white people who began selling their property to move into the suburbs. Berlin redefined the understanding of

  • Ira Berlin From Africa To America Analysis

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    our first reading assignment Ira Berlin, “From Creole to African-American Society in Mainland North America” Berlin discusses the influence of African American culture on North America. He introduces Creoles, the descendents of the European and African mix, argues that they were the ones that were actually responsible for the developments in Mainland North America. Even though Creoles and Africans (non-creoles) were both brought into the country as slaves Berlin shows us examples and evidence

  • Essay on Merrill Lynch Internship Experience

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    This summer I was offered an internship for Merrill Lynch in my hometown of Towson, Maryland. For eight weeks, I worked five days a week for an average of thirty hours. There are numerous Merrill Lynch offices in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. Offices in Annapolis and Baltimore are greater in numbers and advisors. The Towson region only has about fifteen advisors and four client assistants. However, almost all of those advisors started their careers in Baltimore. The Towson office

  • Essay on RETIREMENT

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    Retirement, Are You Saving Enough?      As and investor, you are overwhelmed with advice in newspapers, magazines, and mailings discussing what to invest in for a successful retirement nest egg, when to start saving for retirement and who to invest with. There are millions of people who realize that an investment portfolio for retirement is necessary, but do they really understand the investment instruments and the amount they must invest for tomorrow? The subject of retirement

  • Power And Power In The Stepford Wives By Ira Levis

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    especially as a faculty or quality.” In the movie The Stepford Wives(2004), gaining power through genders which can be also call as gender oppression is explained very well with a mocking perspective. The origin of The Stepford Wives is a novel by Ira Levis and it was first filmed in 1975 which is a horror movie. The funny version of The Stepford Wives came out in 2004 by Frank Oz. This paper focuses on the concept

  • IRA Cons

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    IRA is the stands for an Individual Retirement Account, which is another form of a savings plan. “You can open an IRA through almost any large financial institution, including banks, mutual fund companies and brokerage firms” (Where should I open an IRA). It is a savings account meant for your retirement. It helps save money for your future so by the time you retire you will have enough to live off of. There are different types of IRA’s to pick and choose from to best fit what the individual needs

  • Dave Ramsey Is A New York Times Bestselling Author

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    Dave Ramsey Dave Ramsey is a New York Times Bestselling Author who has written over 15 books that gives the reader practical guidance on eliminating debt and building wealth. Dave’s story started out as a picturesque “American Dream” type of a story that most people dream of living. By the age of twenty-six he has amassed a portfolio worth four million dollars. He later lost it all by the age of thirty (Lampo Licensing, LLC, 2015). Since his financial downfall Dave Ramsey has devoted his life educating

  • The Stepford Wives Movie

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    Final Paper- The Stepford Wives (2004) The film that I choose to analysis is The Stepford Wives. The Stepford Wives is a Sci-Fi film which was released in 2004. It was directed by Frank Oz, who is famously known for his acting roles. Frank Oz has done the voice of Yoda in the Star Wars series, and several Muppets’ characters, such as Miss Piggy. There are three editions to this story, the book, the 1975, and 2004 film. The 2004 version varies from the others, as it has a slightly different story

  • Personal Finance

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    Personal Finance Chris Cannard, Van Trinh, Jommel Esteybar, Edward Sy, Cricket Williams, Trey Vogel San Jose State University Abstract Many people assume that handling personal finances is straightforward and can be done with little to no preparation. This paper delves into the many different aspects of personal finance. It discusses the tools that we are learning in class and explains how these tools that can be used to save for retirement. It offers tips to improve your financial standing