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  • Speech Processing : Using Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients ( Mfcc )

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    application area of digital signal processing. Various fields for research in speech processing are speech recognition, speaker recognition, speech analysis, speech synthesis, speech coding etc. The objective of automatic speaker recognition is to extract, characterize the discriminant features and recognize the information about speaker identity. In this paper we present a voice recognition system based on Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) and vector Quantization (VQ). This technique has

  • Handwriting Recognition And Its Recognition Essay

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    The one feature that got the most attention and strongly influenced its demise was its handwriting recognition capability. In all message pads, handwriting recognition was the basis of data input to many of the built-in applications and functions. According to Professor Luckie, this handwriting recognition depends solely on Paragraph International Inc.’s Calligrapher recognition engine. Calligrapher technology was limited by the dictionary of words to which it has access (Luckie, n.d.). This shows

  • Semi Automatic Segmentation System For Syllables Extraction From Continuous Arabic Audio Signal

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    segmentation system for the breaking-up of Arabic spoken sentences into its isolated syllables. The main goal is to implement an accurate system for the construction of acoustical Arabic syllables database. Syllable-Based Arabic Speech Verification/Recognition is the prospective goal for this work. The study experimented the employing of the template matching technique with a selected acoustical features for the allocation of syllables with sharp boundaries. The proposed methods can manipulate the explored

  • A Voice Guidance System For Autonomous Robots

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    and voice recognition software that can recognize a limited number of voice patterns. The commands of autonomous robots are classified and are organized such that one voice recognition software can distinguish robot commands under each directory. Thus, the proposed system can distinguish more voice commands than one voice recognition processor can. I. INTRODUCTION This Project Describe a robot that can be operated by voice commands given from user. The project use speech recognition system for

  • Fingerprint Fingerprinting Based License Checking System Essay

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     FINGERPRINT AUTHORISATION BASED LICENSE CHECKING SYSTEM FOR AUTO-MOBILE Ajay Shankar Patil1, Sayli Adesh Patil2, Shrinath Bhau Patil3, Vishal Meshram4 1U.G. Scholar, Vishwatmak Om Gurudev College Of Engineering, Aghai(THANE) 2U.G. Scholar, Vishwatmak Om Gurudev College Of Engineering, Aghai(THANE) 3U.G. Scholar, Vishwatmak Om Gurudev College Of Engineering, Aghai(THANE) 4Assistant Professor, Vishwatmak

  • Packet Inspection Using A Hierarchical Pattern Matching Algorithm

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    Packet Inspection Using a Hierarchical Pattern Matching Algorithm T. .Mukthar Ahamed Academic Consultant Dept. of CSE YSR Engineering College of YVU Proddatur, India Abstract: Detection engines capable of inspecting packet payloads for application-layer network information are urgently required. The most important technology for fast payload inspection is an efficient multipattern matching algorithm, which performs exact string matching between packets and a large set of

  • Essay On Fingerprint Finger

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    Creating Fake Fingers for Secure Biometric Fingerprint Authentication As the unrelenting demand for smartphones continues to increase, many technology companies are looking for ways of making such devices easier, faster, and more user friendly. Many smartphones are equipped with fingerprint readers, allowing the user to access their phones securely and quickly without having to type in their pin or passcode. This prevents users from having to remember dozens of random passphrases that, in theory

  • Intermediate Accounting (Spiceland) Chaper 5 Cases Essay

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    CASES Real World Case 5-1 Requirement 1 A bill and hold strategy accelerates the recognition of revenue. In this case, sales that would normally have occurred in 1998 were recorded in 1997. Assuming a positive gross profit on these sales, earnings in 1997 is inflated. Requirement 2 A customer would probably not be expected to pay for goods purchased using this bill and hold strategy until the goods were actually received. Receivables would therefore increase. Requirement 3 Sales that would

  • Coconut Telegraph Essay

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    Therefore, the arrangement for the system would not be within the scope of ASC 985-605 and would likely fall within the scope of ASC 605-25 and 605-20. Revenue Recognition – April 30, 2012 Agreement Based on the information outlined above, the revenue recognition accounting would follow that for Multiple-Element Arrangements as outlined in ASC 605-25. The accounting units of system and PCS will be accounting for separately, because the criteria of ASC 605-25-5-a

  • About Apple Watch

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    and looking up answers to simple questions. I was really frustrated to find that it's not possible to send an email response using the Apple Watch, though. My guess is that Apple didn't want users to get frustrated by the watch's imperfect voice recognition