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  • Irony In A Modest Proposal

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    the ancient hierarchical society in the Ireland, the anti-human behaviors, the tyranny of the wealth English and the superior method of Irish Catholic. Although the tone and the words used in the article all show the ironies, the examples narrator used most strongly showed the irony. The title of the article is “A Modest proposal” because the article was based on the famine in the 18th century when Irish were also suffered from the high taxes made by the landlords in the Ireland. So the condition

  • Realism: The Ending and Its Irony

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    Irony is common in realist novels that reveal the fall and/or rise of characters among other aspects. It is mostly shown at the end which is usually tragic but tell readers the fate of the characters. Realist novels have plausible events, with cause and effect in their stories — what the characters desire and the consequences they receive because of that. Realism in the novel, The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton, was clearly shown through Lily Bart's character with its ironic ending that had both

  • Definition of Irony Essay

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    Definition of Irony Irony is a word that has been around in my life since I was six years old. I remember it exactly, the day that the word entered my vocabulary. My mom and I were driving to my grandma’s house and I was reading a “Calvin and Hobbes” comic from the paper earlier that morning. Calvin had been saving a snowball in the freezer for 4 months and was going to use it. He snuck up on his nemesis, Suzy, and threw it as hard as he could, and missed. He goes into hysterics, wondering

  • Situational Irony In Dracula

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    Despite seemingly unimportant to a novel, irony plays a crucial role in Dracula. This particular novel, however, takes irony a step further and some pieces of irony can even be analyzed so as to be justified through the Victorian values of the respective time period. Although this particular novel was first written and released in 1897, which was a prominently Victorian era and period of history, Dracula has managed to retain its prominence, popularity, and glory over the years. Likewise, the novel

  • Examples Of Irony In The Labyrinth

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    Irony Used in The Labyrinth Movie What! Darth Vader was on the set of Labyrinth! How is surprise created in text? When the author uses the literary device of irony. Jim Henson uses three types of irony in Labyrinth to convey a strong sense of surprise. In this movie the Labyrinth he uses a type of irony called verbal irony. This irony is when the character say the opposite of the truth. Jim Henson also used a type of irony called dramatic irony This irony is when the audience knows something is

  • Short Story Irony

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    much irony that it knocks your socks off? Irony takes place in all these stories we are talking about. The Merriam-Webster definition of irony is “the use of words to express something other than, and especially the opposite, of the literal meaning.” These stories will keep you wondering what’s going to happen and when you least expect it, irony will come out of no where and surprise the reader. In the short stories, “The Veldt,” “Just Lather, That’s All,” and “The Ransom of Red Chief,” Irony is active

  • Irony in Canterbury Tales

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    Irony is a form of speech in which the real meaning is concealed or contradicted by the words used. There are three tales that are fantastic demonstrations of irony. “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”, “The Pardoner’s Tale”, and “The Nun Priest’s Tale” are the three. While each one is different, each uses irony to teach its characters a lesson. “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” does not have as much irony in it as the other two tales do. The most major ironical difference is that of the nature of the knight’s

  • Irony In The Story Of An Hour

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    “The Story of an Hour” is a story that was set in the late 19th century written by Kate Chopin. She uses irony to present an unheard view of marriage, while she incorporates symbols and imagery. The story is initially written to have you think that poor Louise, having heart trouble, learns of the devastating news that her husband has been tragically killed. Thinking that Louise is heartbroken by the death of her husband, you see that she strangely says “free! Body and soul free!” (525) You are

  • Invisible Man Irony

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    Irony Irony is the use of words to express something different and often opposite to its literal meaning and it is a device that plays a major role in revealing the theme of a literary work. In Inferno, written by Niven and Pournelle, the main character, Allan Carpentier, travels into the depths of hell and finally escapes when he realizes who he is. Throughout his journey, the other people in hell do not want to accept that they are there, which in turn, is the reason they cannot leave hell. Those

  • Irony : The Story Of An Hour

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    Irony is the “literacy language or literary style in which actions, events, or words are the opposite of what readers expect” (McWhorter 986). In the short story, “The Story of an Hour,” the author shows irony throughout to create a dramatic effect. She starts the story off with talking about a woman, Mrs. Mallard who has just lost her husband in a railroad accident. Throughout the start of the story, many details are revealed through dramatic iron and situational irony. Kate Chopin adds mystery