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  • Planning For An Effective Storage Solution

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    Introduction Planning for an effective storage solution, whether it is on premise or off premise can be a challenging task. Off premise planning becomes more complicated as the components that make up the storage network are generally in the control of the cloud provider. It becomes critical to maintain the integrity and security of the data, while still offering a seamless storage solution to the business. The business user does not care where the data is located, or where an application is hosted

  • Unit 500m Case Study Essay

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    fiber channel, as that is what your company has throughout. Another coworker suggests iSCSI. In your opinion, who is right and why? Introduction: To add a data network to the remote building of range 500M the senior system engineer supported the fiber channel and another employee of the same organization suggested the ISCSI. Still there is discussion going on between these two networks I would like to fix the ISCSI to the remote building but, the fiber channel suggested by the employee is also not

  • Test Preparation Questions: Windows Server Administration

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    to a NTFS volume. 13. Answer D is correct. The default port for iSCSI is 3260. Answer A is incorrect becauseTCP port 389 is used by Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Answer B isincorrect because TCP port 443 is used by SSL. Answer C is incorrect because TCPport 1433 is used by SQL servers. 14. Answer C is correct. The address is an example of the iSCSI Qualified Name, which isthe most commonly used iSCSI address. Answer A is incorrect because the MACaddresses used to

  • Disadvantages Of Virtualization

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    1. What are some the importance of virtualization? Virtualization is the designing and managing of virtual machines from a specific place. It provides a platform for sharing of resources with large number of network resources. T benefits of virtualization are: • It is affordable and easy to maintain. • It supports many operating systems in a single virtualization platform. • The application does not rely on heavy hardware to run. • The merging servers used for crashing of a server tenacity is provided

  • How to Scale a Server to Meet the Needs of Twenty Users Essay

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    Introduction A local education authority has requested a report outlining a design a framework based desktop environment that is capable of supplying at least twenty IT instructors. There is currently a server in place that is capable of housing the virtual platform and the report will show how to scale the server to meet the needs of the instructors. Requirements The IT instructors will also require virtualised GPU that can support at least twenty IT instructors that will be demonstrating STEM

  • Disadvantages Of Storage Virtualization

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    STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION Storage virtualization is the process of grouping physical storage from multiple storage networks so it is unique. Storage Virtualization is the process of presenting a logical view of the physical storage resources to the hosts. Cloud storage is the other name for storage virtualization. It hides the internal working of the storage devices from the host application. The management and storage of data is easily carried out using facilities like backing up data, archiving data

  • The Common Internet File System

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    8. Data Storage Techniques 8.1 CIFS The Common Internet File system (CIFS) is a native file sharing protocol used by computer users across corporate intranets and Internet. It defines series of commands to pass the information between the networked computers. CIFS implements the client/server programming model. A client program sends a request to server program for access to a file or to pass a message to a program that runs in the server computer, the server then takes the requested action and

  • Automation Of Data Center Using Cisco Unified Computing System Director

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    R.V. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, BANGALORE - 560059 (Autonomous Institution Affiliated to VTU, Belgaum) Automation of Data Center Using Cisco Unified Computing System Director (UCSD) MAJOR PROJECT REPORT (2014-2015) Submitted by, HARSHA GANGWAL 1RV11EC042 Cisco Mentor: PRADEEP NAIDU & VISWANATH BIRANTHABAIL Under the guidance of MRS. VINILA NAGARAJ (Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE) in partial fulfilment for the award of degree of Bachelor of Engineering IN DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Packet Sniffers

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    A packet sniffer can only capture packet information within a given subnet. So, it’s not possible for a malicious attacker to place a packet sniffer on their home ISP network and capture network traffic from inside your corporate network. In order to do so, the packet sniffer needs to be running on a computer that is inside the corporate network as well. However, if one machine on the internal network becomes compromised through a Trojan or other security breach, the intruder could run a packet sniffer

  • Storage and Network Convergence

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    Introduction In conventional datacenters, there were two networks. One used for local area network which was built on Ethernet, was used by users to access applications running on servers. And the second one often built on Fiber channel, which connects servers to the storage module where mountains of data are stored. Both networks require huge capital investment, each requiring specialized hardware. Both networks have vastly different management tools, which require staff with different skill sets