Ivanka Trump

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  • Ivanka Trump Persuasive Speech

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    Creative Title ;) ) Many people may believe the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, is just the rich daughter of the president. However, she is much more than what society wants to think of her. Over the last 2 years, Ivanka Trump has risen to become a strong advocate for Women’s Rights and education. Ivanka Trump is the most influential activist of female empowerment of the gender gap, proper education, and STEM careers. What makes Ivanka Trump stand apart is her willingness to make ideas happen. Our society

  • Ivanka Trump Case Study

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    Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have been leading forces in the White House despite their limited political experience. Ivanka Trump is currently serving as a special assistant to her father and Kushner will be the White House senior adviser. As the senior adviser to the president, Kushner will be involved in a variety of activities, such as government operations, Middle East policy, and trade deals. As Kushner is completing these tasks, he has already been reported to be a “person of interest” by

  • Endorsement Of Ivanka Trump Products: An Analysis

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    been with The Times since 1992, writes Ethics Watchdog Denounces Conway’s Endorsement of Ivanka Trump Products. This caught my eye because, my prior knowledge and my decent morals know that when representing someone, especially someone so controversial, you shouldn’t endorse their materials but their accomplishments and behavior. It also caught my attention because this is the politics section and Ivanka Trump, like her husband, is basically irrelevant to the political world beside inheritance into

  • Ivanka Trump Case

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    Ivanka Trump, was as an adviser for her father President Donald Trump. She communicated the government employees by the use of a private email account and it was an embarrassment to his father President Donald Trump. Ivanka sent an email to Linda McMahon, which is the head of the Small Business Administration, Ivanka Trump asked her agency to “explore and evaluate opportunities to collaborate” on the issues related to “women’s entrepreneurship.” And also, President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and

  • Ivanka Trump Research Paper

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    Perhaps, Ivanka Trump missed her calling because she keeps killing it -- one fashionable statement after another. If Donald and Ivana's only daughter together grows tired of hobnobbing around the Oval Office and doing damage control for her family that's stewing in political mayhem, she can always do the catwalk thing. http://conservativefighters.com/news/photos-ivanka-trump-leaves-d-c-home-stunning-blue-outfit/ Ivanka shares a posh residence near the White Hosue with her husband Jared Kushner

  • The Negative Consequences Of Plagiarism In The Modern Age

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    Recent memory has been filled with technological advances following one after another; the twenty-first century has been an era in which change occurs at a nearly exponential rate. Each of these advances has brought new opportunities for students and educators to further the learning experiences. Few students can imagine a time before beneficial technologies like interactive white boards or the near infinite resources held within the internet. However, these same resources which can be positively

  • The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech

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    The first Amendment, one of ten fundamental rights we have as American citizens. It is the right to express any opinion without censorship or restraints. It is a travesty of freedom of speech. A misnomer that falsely empowers citizens with the belief that their opinion and beliefs can be verbalized and listened to without penalty.  Where censorship exists, freedom of speech cannot. This holds true in companies, schools, and media. According to the Oxford dictionary, censorship is "the suppression

  • Political Advertisement Analysis

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    statements about Trump. Guerra states that “He’s unfit. He’s unqualified. And I see Hillary Clinton as someone who’s had the experience nationally and internationally to be our leader”. Guerra uses words such as “unfit” and “unqualified” to prove that Trump isn’t suited to be a leader. Those words may seem valid, but they don’t necessarily mean anything because Guerra doesn’t explain why Trump is unfit and unqualified. She only uses those words to make herself sound factual like she knows Trump very well

  • Entrpreneurs Who are Born or Made

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    Ivanka is determined to be in the real estate industry, not because her father asked her to do so. Matter of fact, Donald allows his daughter to pursue anything in her career prospect. Once, prior to her graduation, Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue called

  • Donald Trump: One Of The Greatest US President

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    Donald Trump is a man that will go down in history as one of the greatest US presidents. Trump will succeed as a president because he is a successful business tycoon, he shows great leadership skills, and he is straightforward. His business acumen will allow him to revive our economy. His leadership abilities will allow him to accomplish his goals. And his honesty will allow him to have the full support of the nation. He also has no obligations toward large companies since he funded most of his own