J. Edgar Hoover

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  • The Black Panther Party

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    Next, the Black Panther Party provided a variety of social services and programs designed to meet the needs of the black community. Often times overlooked, these services have been virtually absent in the mainstream media’s coverage of the Panthers. Often times “the government’s myopic perception of the party as a glorified street gang, clouded substantial analysis of their social programs by outside observers” (Kirby). The Panthers were known to offer a “wide range of health and social services

  • Bonnie And Clyde: A Brief Biography

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    The robbers “…even got the attention of President J. Edgar Hoover, who was outraged when the thieves kept raiding military bases” (Clyde Doc., 33:56). At the time, the Federal Bauru of Investigation could not intervene in personal state affairs on accounts of murder, but they could track stolen cars instead. So, President Hoover enacted the FBI find Bonnie and Clyde using a warrant for car theft (Clyde Doc., 35:16). The Barrow gang was beginning

  • The National Security Agency Is Too Dependent Upon Cryptology

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    Our government and military are too dependent upon cryptology to ensure secure and authentic communication. It is so profound that it led to the creation an entire federal agency, the National Security Agency, whose primary purpose is to create and analyze cryptologic methods, and whose published vision includes “global cryptologic dominance.” The first and most recent spectacular round of surveillance came during the First World War and what became of it after all was said and done. Fearing subversion

  • Mann Act Case

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    The volume of Mann Act cases began to decline in the 1930s as juries had become less willing to convict someone for consensual sex unrelated to prostitution. Although, as late as 1959, a federal judge still determined that a Mann Act conviction was apt simply for having the intent to violate the law, as long as the man had crossed state line. He stated, “Proof that he accomplished his illicit purpose is not necessary to conviction.” However, the terms of the law have been amended multiple times

  • The Literary And Pop Culture Vampire Of The 1950s

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    disease metaphor relates the vampire to the spread of Communism infecting the America way of life. In a testimony in front of the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee), FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover used a disease metaphor to discuss the communist threat. This metaphor became part of cold war rhetoric. Hoover states that: “Victory will be assured once communists are identified and exposed, because the public will take the first step of quarantining

  • The Piracy of Privacy

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    amongst citizens. Many have questioned how farther the government and businesses will go but this can only be told through time. During the Cold War, at the height of the ‘Red Scare’ FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover conducted mass clandestine operations on US citizens. “Even before he became director of the FBI, Hoover was conducting secret intelligence operations against U.S. citizens he suspected were anarchists, radical leftists or communists.” (NPR) The specifics of these programs were not completely released

  • Black Panther Party Research Paper

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    . Bobby Seale was a political activist and co-founder of the Black Panther Party (BPP). The BPP was formed over fifty years ago. He took many steps in politics including going to college to obtain a degree in politics. He helped improve social services in black neighborhoods along with many other aspects of Black-American’s lives. While working at a “War on Poverty” program, he and Huey Newton wrote a ten-point program that outlined the important goals of the Black Panther Party. Seale was

  • Black Panther Party Pros And Cons

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    Introduction The Black Panther Party had a great deal of negative outlooks portrayed on them by not everyone, but more than half of the society. Without a doubt, the Black Panther Party addressed multiple situations with violent acts that implemented negativity towards them. The late Martin Luther King believed that he could obtain equality without having to use violence as a lament, instead the Black Panther’s believed that King’s non-violence movement had failed, and that violence was necessary

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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    Fallen Paige October 30, 2014 Unit 4 Individual Project Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired myself along with many other nationalities all over the world in so many ways. He was a very courageous and intelligent man who fought so hard for the blacks or African-Americans like myself to have equal rights like the whites or Caucasian people. Just as other civil rights leaders such as Rosa Parks, Dr. King felt that it just wasn’t

  • Alcatraz Essay

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    had taken to crime for no more than sheer pleasure or pride on a dare, came out of prison with no job skills but with plenty of advice from more experienced criminals. In 1933, J. Edgar Hoover was made the director of the recently established FBI agency. Hoover had plans to crack down on these criminals. The problem Hoover faced was that, no sooner were the criminals locked up than the crime organizations would bust them out. With this major problem in mind, the Justice Department began looking into