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  • Jack Nicholson Characteristics

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    (internationalstudentguide) People become so iconic by their superb acting skills even if the movie itself is not so superb. Jack Nicholson is a true example of an iconic actor. The skills he possesses and demonstrates on the screen are beyond doubt some of the best his time. What has made Jack Nicholson so iconic is taking on so many challenging roles that other actors will shy away from. Nicholson is brilliant with his roles of men that are angry, crazy, or the antagonist. Many still go to see a film just because

  • Movie Analysis : The Movie ' Polanski 's '

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    Roman Polanski for captivating the 40’s in a factual stance yet portraying a private eye in a distinctive approach. From how he uses lighting and camera angles to his single scene in the film Polanski just makes it all work. Success also due to Jack Nicholson as the main character, were he truly proves that acting is a form of art. The film Chinatown embodies neo-noir and is gives viewers and strong sense of intrigue. Using strong senses of historical accuracy with Polanski’s attention to

  • A Few Good Men Essay.

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    Diction is potrayed with excellent actors. Jack Nicholson in this movie does a outstanding job being Col. Nathan Jessep in making the movie goer not like him for many different reasons. Jack nicholson uses plenty of emotion throughout the movie showing how powerful he thinks he is, at times how corrupt and cuel he can be. You can tell from Nicholsons facial expressions throughout the play on what he is thinking and what he might want to do next. Jack nicholsons character in the film is abundantly high

  • Something 's Got Ta Give

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    cast featuring Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves, Amanda Pete and Frances McDormand. Ebert observed while watching this film that he himself was moved by the characters. Toward the end of his informational bit Ebert makes an observation that there is a sexual mystery surrounding the situation between Erica played by Diane Keaton, Dr. Mercer played by Keanu Reeves and the notorious Harry played by Jack Nicholson. With plenty of nudity to go around Ebert suggests Nicholson might have contributed

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' Chinatown '

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    Chinatown is a drama/thriller starring Jack Nicholson who played the character of Jake Gittes. The plot of the story develops around Gittes job as a private investigator, and Gittes researches the background information of the water system for Los Angeles. Through Gittes investigation, the sudden death of Mr. Mulwray becomes the main plot line of the story. Ms. Mulwray, the wife hires Jake Gittes to investigate her husband for infidelity, but through his inspecting, he starts to uncover the truths

  • Review of a few good men Essay

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    A few good men starring Jack Nicholson Tom Cruise and Demi Moore is about ethic in the marines. Many characters in the movie are faced with moral dillemas Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholsons characters are faced with moral dillemas. The movie is about two marines who are accused of murdering there fellow officer, during the incestigation it is discovered that there is a practice called “code red” this is a unethical and unofficial disciplinary measure by the marine squad when a member goes against the

  • A Few Good Men Full Movie Review : A Few Good Men

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    Pollak. On the opposing side of the case there is prosecutor Capt. John Ross, Kevin Bacon. The commanding officer of the marines that is accused of ordering a “Code Red” and killing the victim is Col. Nathan R. Jessup, played by the legendary Jack Nicholson. The two marines, Dawson and Downey, were in Second Platoon, Bravo Company, Rifle Security Company Windward, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Their platoon leader Lt. Jonathan Kendrick, Kiefer Sutherland, was also a witness in the trial and was the one who

  • Analysis Of J. J Gittes In Chinatown

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    of Himself, J.J. Gittes, in Chinatown Roman Polanski used every minute of his movie Chinatown to define and redefine J.J. Gittes, played by Jack Nicholson. Gittes is for all intents and purposes a classic private investigator, making a living out of other infidelity. Polanski adds an element of quirkiness to Gittes by utilizing the genius of Jack Nicholson and incorporating film noir traits. With Polanski’s mixture of modern acting talent combined with an updated format of color film he creates

  • Movie Review : ' Chinatown ' And ' The Girl With The Dragon '

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    Modern motion pictures use the same genre, but updated visual, theme and content. Neo-noir, Greek term neo means new, making term new black. Noir movies are very popular among the audiences. Chinatown (1974) directed by Roman Polanski, starring Jack Nicholson (Protagonist) as Jake Gittes, Faye Dunaway (Co-actor) as Eve Mulwray and John Huston (Antagonist) as Noah cross is a successful Academy award winning popular neo-noir movie of 1970s. On the other hand The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) directed

  • Anger Management Essays

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    and didn’t know what they were doing. I often wondered what that must be like. I, being a very passive person, have never lost control when I’ve become angered. I’ve always had total awareness of my situation. In the movie “Anger Management”, Jack Nicholson so nicely stated: “Your temper is the one thing you can’t get rid of by loosing it” I’ve probably come close at times, but never gone over the edge to uncontrollable rage. I remember there was one time it came close. It happened one late Sunday