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  • Jacob Riis: A Brief Biography

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    BORN ON THIS DAY James Gandolfini PEOPLE NOSTALGIA CELEBRITY HISTORY & CULTURE CRIME & SCANDAL Jacob Riis Jacob Riis Biography Photographer, Writer, Social Reformer (1849–1914) 53 SHARES 48 0 0 QUICK FACTS NAME Jacob Riis OCCUPATION Photographer, Writer, Social Reformer BIRTH DATE May 3, 1849 DEATH DATE May 26, 1914 PLACE OF BIRTH Ribe, Denmark PLACE OF DEATH Massachusetts CITE THIS PAGE Jacob Riis was a photographer and writer whose book How the Other Half Lives led to a revolution in social reform

  • Analysis Of The Book ' Mud Slinger ' By Jacob Riis

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    This section of a book was composed by Jacob Riis, who was a muckraking columnist. Mud slinger was a writer who pushed for change by productions the issues of society to the center and rich classes. In this book, Riis made a photographic report about the life of needy individuals in the dwellings of New York. Initially, Riis portrayed an assault, which was made by policemen. The object of that strike was the stale-brew plunges. He said that the squads sent to make concurrent control on all tramp

  • Analysis Of Jacob Riis 'How The Other Half Lives'

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    But as time grew, many poor people started coming into Five Points. From'' How the Other Half Lives’ ‘by Jacob Riis it state,'' As business increased, and the city grew with rapid strides, the necessities of the poor became the opportunity

  • Jacob Riis Thesis

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    immigrants found their way to America just to struggle to survive in the tenement housing for the remainder of their lives. This was their lifestyle until people such as Jacob Riis, the social workers of the settlement houses, and the participants in the Ladies Garment Worker Union wanted to change things. Jacob Riis was a Christian Dutch writer who believed that those who were wealthy and able to make change were the ones to improve immigrant housing to follow the footsteps of Christ

  • Muckrakers- American Journalists

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    Sinclair, Samuel Hopkins Adams, and Jacob Riis. The first of the muckrakers to be discussed is Jacob Riis. Riis was born and raised in Denmark, but moved to New York when he was twenty- one years old. He grew up in an impoverished household with fourteen other siblings; therefore, he understood the struggle of the needy that lived in New York (“Jacob Riis Muckraker”). In 1888, Riis was given a job with the New York Evening Sun as a photojournalist (“Jacob Riis”). His pictures primarily portrayed

  • Essay On Jacob Riis

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    Jacob Riis was born on May 3, 1849 in Ribe, Denmark and later immigrated to the United States in 1870 at the age of 21. When he arrived in New York city he had a total of only $40 and a locket that he had for as long as he can remember (study.com).  He did a lot of odd jobs around the city to earn just enough money to get by. Soon there later he became a police reporter and found an interest in the things that he saw. So he taught himself some photography skills and took a camera with him every time

  • Jacob Riis Analysis

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    Jacob Riis was able to capture the living conditions in tenement houses in New York during the late 1800’s. Riis’s ability to capture these images allowed him to reflect the moral environmentalist approach discussed by Alexander von Hoffman in The Origins of American Housing Reform. The idea that the mental and physical state of its inhabitants are directly correlated to the conditions found in the residential districts. For example, the image entitled The Baby’s Playground (Chen, 4), resonates

  • The Gilded Age By Jacob Riis

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    The necessities that people could not imagine living without today, such as fresh air and sanitary houses, were often a luxury to these immigrants. Jacob Riis, the author of How the Other Half Lives, visited several areas in New York to observe the appalling living conditions that various immigrants were stuck in. After making these observations, Riis ultimately criticizes the greedy landlords but also places considerable amount of blame on the immigrants for their misfortune as well. The tenements

  • Jacob Riis Research Paper

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    Jacob Riis Jacob Riis was born in Ribe, Denmark on May 3rd, 1894 (Biography.com). When Riis first started off in his young adult life he was a carpenter, he then proceeded to move to the United States and wanted to become a U.S. Army volunteer but because of his poor health he was unable to do it . Jacob continued to move around multiple times (thefamouspeople.com). After many hard times of not having jobs and then having low pay jobs he picked up photography (biography.com). He took many pictures

  • Jacob Riis Visual Analysis

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    I have chosen for the week’s discussion the photography of Jacob Riis. Jacob Riis was a photojournalist that told whom shed light on the living conditions of the impoverished citizens in New York. The first photo by Jacob Riis is titled Under the dump at West 35 street, 1989-1913. The exact date cannot be pinpointed only the time frame in which the photo was taken. http://www.authentichistory.com/1898-1913/2-progressivism/2-riis/204.jpg May varying types of visual elements are seen in the photograph