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  • Jacques Louis David Essay

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    David was the virtual art dictator of France for a generation. Extending beyond painting, his influence determined the course of fashion, furniture design, and interior decoration and was reflected in the development of moral philosophy. His art was a sudden and decisive break with tradition, and from this break "modern art" is dated. David studied with Vien, and after winning the Prix de Rome (which had been refused him four times, causing him to attempt suicide by starvation) he accompanied

  • The Death Of Marat By Jacques Louis David

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    outstanding figure in neoclassical art, Jacques-Louis David released his painting titled The Death of Marat in 1793 after the murder of Jean-Paul Marat. The revolutionary painting shows Marat’s deceased body soaking in a bloody bath, with a quell in hand. Many thoughtfully placed details are included in the piece that add to the implication that one should focus on the sacrifices, and involvement Marat made during the French Revolution. With the use of symbolism, David coax’s the audience into viewing Marat

  • Jacques Louis David And His Life During The French Revolution

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    Jacques Louis David: An in-depth comparison of his Roman Empire Masterpieces and his life during the French Revolution Semester Research Paper Fall 2014 Throughout history many works of art have depicted events that have happened in the past through the artists eyes. In these works we can see many styles and types of art that display the artist mood, feelings, reactions and perspective. The early beginnings of Rome and the struggles that occurred are seen in Jacques Louis David early paintings.

  • Essay about Jacques-Louis David

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    Michael Edelman HST 313 3/28/2005 Caricature Paper Jacques-Louis David: Gouvernement Anglois (The English Government) Introduction: As one can expect from the very nature of political and social revolutions, there were some very unhappy people during the French revolution. The question here is why the French citizens of this time so upset were and was their discontent so great that a revolution could be justified? Furthermore, who and what will be the ultimate vehicle to bring the necessary

  • The Oath Of The Horatii By Jacques-Louis David

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    Oath of the Horatii The Oath of the Horatii is a painting painted by a French artist Jacques-Louis David, painted in 1784. When looking at the painting you will see, an older man holding up three swords to three younger men, the 3 younger men have helmets on, the one on the far right is holding a spear, all three of them are reaching out to the three swords. Behind the older man holding up the swords, is three women, the women located in the far left is holding two children, one baby, and another

  • The Death Of Socrates And Jacques-Louis David

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    The Death of Socrates was painted by the French painter Jacques-Louis David during the Neo-classical era in 1787. The painting illustrates the execution the Philosopher Socrates as told by Plato in his Phaedo. In 399 B.C, the Athenian court had put Socrates on trial for talking about things in the sky and below the earth, corrupting the minds of the youth, and not believing in the gods, but in other spiritual things. Socrates was then sentenced to death by drinking a poisoned hemlock. In Plato’s

  • Jacques-Louis David Research Paper

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    Jacques-Louis David was born on August 30, 1748, in Paris, France. By the time he was 9, his father was killed in a duel, giving his widow mother no option but to leave him with his two uncles. As the years went on, David began to show interest in painting. His uncles sent him to François Boucher, a main painter of the time and family companion. Boucher was a Rococo painter, yet the Rococo time was offering route to a more traditional style, so Boucher chose to send David to his companion Joseph-Marie

  • Oath Of Horatii By Jacques-Louis David

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    Jacques-Louis David is an artist that I can really relate too. Unlike some artists, I am able to see the messages in David’s paintings. I respect the fact he over came adversity with his speak impediment and was able to have the courage to stand up for his beliefs and rise to become a respected member of society. His paintings were a part of the French Revolution. Some people avoid adversity, David thrived on it. The first painting that stood out to me, and the rest of the world, was his painting

  • The Death of Socrates by Jacques-Louis David Essay

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    By viewing the painting The Death of Socrates by Jacques-Louis David, Socrates’ loyalty to the Athenian government was far more important to him than his own death or friendship. He was more interested in teaching his students about his belief in reason and the law of justice before he died. Still, the students and friends were arguing with him and trying to convince him to renounce his teachings. Socrates was strong in telling his students how it was for the good of society that he drinks the poison

  • The Death Of Socrates : Painting By Jacques Louis David

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    The work of art that I chose is The Death of Socrates, painted by Jacques Louis David in 1787 and exposed at the MET. This painting is oil on canvas. In person, it looks much bigger than I expected; in fact, it measures almost 1.3 meters in height, and almost 2 meters in length. The colors are a little dull, especially in the areas far away from Socrates, who is the focal point of the painting. Through a detailed work of colors, lights and shadows, the emphasis is put on Socrates and on his followers