Jacquetta of Luxembourg

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  • Marco Polo And Marco Polo

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    Throughout the years we’ve seen many warriors, kings or queens, emperors leave some sort of legacy or mark in our world today. Many are remembered for the greatest or probably worse things they’ve done. Also change has taken a major role in our world today. Two great examples that contributed in the global change would be Marco polo and Elizabeth Woodville. Marco polo was best known for being a traveler though he didn’t like to be referred as one. Polo considered himself a wayfarer. At the young

  • Edward IV's Reign and Success Essay

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    Edward IV's Reign and Success Edward’s reign was mainly stable and successful. He was the first king to die financially solvent in over 200 years due mainly to his careful avoidance of major foreign wars and by the end of his reign there was evident recovery of prosperity in the southern counties. However, Edward died too early to ensure that his heir would succeed him unchallenged. He had not created a collective commitment to the future of his dynasty that would

  • Power Struggle In Philippa Gregory's The Lady Of The Rivers

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    The novel The Lady of the Rivers follows the story of a noblewoman, Jacquetta of Luxembourg, during the early to mid-1400s. She enters the world of politics at age seventeen when she is married to the Duke of Bedford. When he dies, she falls in love with and marries a squire, which was not socially acceptable because he was below her rank. However, she eventually regains her position and becomes a close friend and advisor of the queen of England, Margaret of Anjou. However, the country begins to