Ja'far al-Sadiq

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  • Shia Historical Narratives

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    The second section of the book focuses on the origins on the Shia historical narratives which held the community together and how it lead to the fragmentation of it. Third chapter begins with detailed events of succession to the Prophet Muhammad and is often cited as the starting point for the split in the Islamic community. In a brief summary, author writes the biographical/historical narrative of the Prophet from his birth to his death, which is accepted by all Muslims. Then the author focuses

  • Review Of ' The Kitab Al Fihrist '

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    Early references[edit] In 988 Ibn al-Nadim compiled the Kitab al-Fihrist which mentions Jabir as a spiritual follower and as a companion to Jafar as-Sadiq, the sixth Shia Imam. In another reference al-Nadim reports that a group of philosophers claimed Jabir was one of their own members. Another group, reported by al-Nadim, says only The Large Book of Mercy is genuine and that the rest are pseudographical. Their assertions are rejected by al-Nadim.[9] Joining al-Nadim in asserting a real Jabir; Ibn-Wahshiyya

  • Debating the Takeover After the Death of the Prophet Mohammad

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    As we know after the death of Prophet Mohammad, the Muslim community turned into disorder and people started to wonder what would happen now that he is dead as it was understood that he was the last to come in prophets’ chain and there will be no one coming after him. Many debates began about who should take over all the responsibilities he had as he was the spiritual, legal, political and military leader of the community, so in other words, the debates were whether Muhammad had already appointed

  • An Explanation Of Spiritual Vibrancy

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    It is a simple fact of life that one’s hunger on any given day or time is not assuaged by singing praises of a meal consumed a day or earlier, but rather it is satiated through availability of fresh meal at that point in time. This verse uses this fact as an analogy to establish that spiritual vibrancy is only possible through fresh spiritual nourishment provided by the Satguru or the Imam of the Time. Hence, the faithful are urged to adore and venerate the incumbent Imam. In the context of

  • Shia Muslims Advantages And Disadvantages

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    2.0 Shia Muslims Shia Muslims were developed in the 632 CE. They originated from the Middle East and had a wide range of followers at about 150,000,000 people. The Shia Muslims worship Allah. They refer to the Holy Quran also known as Nahjul Balagha . Shia Muslims are approximately 15% of the total Muslim population in the world. It has the greatest influence of 90% of Shia Muslims in Iran, but Shia are also the majority in Iraq, Bahrain, and Yemen . Today there are approximately 120 million Shia

  • Dr. Khabeer: A Theoretical Analysis

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    specificities with normative notions of Muslim piety, privileging culturally contingent practices from the ‘Islamic East’ from the Muslim practice that originates elsewhere” (Khabeer, 2017). She establishes the existence of the concept using an anecdote of Abd al-Karim, a well-versed Muslim who lost his privilege to lead prayers in his community after he changed his style of dress to another individual who dressed the part of a “Muslim” but was much less educated. Many Black Muslims believed that their valued