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    James Bowie Introduction I. Attention getter: From knife fighting, wrestling alligators, trapping bears, to leading the Texans in their famous last stand at the Alamo. James Bowie was a man of true grit and a historical figure. II. Reveal your topic: James Bowie was one of The Alamo’s greatest folk hero and an American pioneer. He is mostly known for his unbelievable knife fighting skills and his leadership in The Alamo. III. Credibility: James Bowie is an ancestor of mine and I have always

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    A tough man who through the 1800’s will become a Texas Legend. About 220 years ago a man named James Bowie was born. He was born around April 10, 1796 near the Terrapin creek about nine miles northwest of Franklin, Logan County, Kentucky and grew up there. In February 1800 he and his family moved to Missouri. When he turned six he and his family moved to Louisiana and he lived there till he grew old enough to live alone. When he was thirteen, his father left and went off to fight in the American

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    Jim Bowie There have been many people in the course of American History that have shaped the country we live in today. Some are well-known like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. There are some on the other hand that are not as well-known like James “Jim” Bowie. Jim Bowie was an American frontiersman who went to battle for our country knowing for a fact he was going to die, and still chose to stay and fight. It is people like Jim Bowie who will sacrifice their life for the great or good of others

  • The Alamo Essay

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    settlers to surrender their only cannon. The soldiers said "come and take it" and eventually they killed one Mexican soldier. The war had begun. More and more Texans answered the call to arms such as Ben Milan a soldier of the War of 1812, James Bowie who was know for his knife, Sam Houston and Stalwart Davy Crockett both former soldiers and congressmen. The name that would lead them all William Barrette Travis. October 9, 1835 Ben Milan led an attack at Goliad. The Mexicans were surprised

  • A Summary Of Remember The Alamo

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    In the December of 1835, during the Texas Revolution, the Alamo was occupied by two hundred Texan soldiers located near the present day in San Antonio. The Alamo was a church in the middle of San Antonio. William Travis and James Bowie were the commanders who were prepared to defend the Alamo from the Mexicans who wanted it back. Unfortunately, the Texan soldiers were outnumbered to secure the Alamo from General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna by thousands of his soldiers. The battle was only for thirteen

  • Texas Is A State Of The Wild Frontier

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    Mexican soldiers (Kubiak 91). David Crockett has since been named a hero to all Texans. Alongside Davy Crockett, there were two other men who were seen as leaders of the Texas Revolution: William B. Travis and Jim Bowie. All three of them died together during the Battle of the Alamo. Bowie, who had contracted pneumonia and typhoid, and had no

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    wanting to recapture Texas. The movie depicts soldiers defending the Alamo and the battle of San Jacinto in which Santa Anna was defeated. I see soldiers fighting and dying for Texas. I see the Battle of the Alamo. I see legendary heroes such as James Bowie and Davy Crockett played by Billy Bob Thornton and Sam Houston played by Dennis Quaid. I see cannons firing and soldiers defending the

  • William Barrett Travis and the Impact of His Letter Victory or Death

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    William Barret Travis a hero of the Texas revolution impacted the American people with his meaningful letter requesting aid. Travis wrote a very inspirational letter addressed not only to the people of Texas but also to all the Americans in the world. Which impacted the way American’s view patriotism and cherish their liberty and their beliefs. Travis was born in 1809, and died in battle defending the fort known as the Alamo against overwhelming Mexican forces in 1836. He was the oldest out of his

  • The Battle at the Alamo Essay

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    The battle at the Alamo is one of the most significant events in the Texas Revolution, as well as in both Mexican and American history. For Mexican President and General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, it was a tale of determination and holding to the principles of a strong, central government. For Americans living in Texas, the Alamo was a venture of small scale Revolutionary ideals; a people should be able to democratically express how they feel their homeland to be governed. As we know, both countries

  • The Alamo By Antonio De Valero Mission

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    Initially named San Antonio de Valero Mission, the Alamo is the pride and joy to many American’s and most Texans. While the battle at the Alamo is the most renowned event that took place during the Texas revolution, seldom people know that there were a plethora of events that took place leading up to the showdown at the Alamo. The Mexican government began to shift away from a federalist model under the presidency of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. The enhanced dictatorial laws, including the revocation