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  • James Roy Horner Research Paper

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    James Roy Horner is Las Angeles native, born on August 14th,1953. James Horner started playing piano at the age of five. At a young age, James studied in London, where he attended the Royal College of Music. He returned to America, where he attended Verde Valley School in Sedona, Arizona, and later received his bachelor's degree in music from the University of Southern California. After he earned a master's degree, he started work on his doctorate at the University of California, Los Angeles where

  • Avatar Accomplishments

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    James Horner was the composer for the movie Avatar, and was sadly passed away in June 22, 2015 in a plane crash. He was born in August 14, 1953, in Los Angeles, California. Horner began the life of a musician at an early age of five years of age, and continued his practices at the Royal College of Music in London, England. He further continued his studies of music and received a bachelor's degree at USC and both a master’s degree and a Ph.D. at UCLA. Horner first breakthrough was when he composed

  • Film Music : The Purpose Of Music In Film

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    Ennio Morricone once said, "Music in film must not just add emphasis but must give more body and depth to the story, to the characters, to the language that the director has chosen. It must, therefore, say all that the dialogue, images, effects etc., cannot say". (Peacock, R., 2001. The Art of Moving Making. New Jersey: Prentice Hall). In the early years of film making the purpose of music was to keep the audience from talking and to dull the sound of the noisy projector (Schaefer, H., Emotion and

  • Essay : A Short Story Of A Macy-A Story?

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    “Wake up Jane!” Jane’s mom yelled. Jane started to slowly open her eyes and she stretched her arms and legs out and jumped out of bed! She could smell the delicious smell of PANCAKES!!! She ran down the stairs and there was a stack of pancakes on a plate just for her! “Thank you thank you thank you mom!!” Jane was so excited she was jumping up and down trying to control her excitement so she stopped and sat down, looking at the butter and the syrup dripping down the sides. She started to munch

  • Short Story

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    How are we supposed to go in deeper? It’s not like we have a submarine!” “But we do!” Willow exclaimed suddenly. “Huh?” Me and Scarlett asked at the same time. “Well, at least my dad does. He works for the Marine Biology Center, and he can take us down in a submarine!” Willow told us excitedly. “Great! Let’s go!” exclaimed, already running down the driveway. Willow and Scarlett hopped on their bikes that were parked in my driveway, and I got mine out of the garage. Then we set off to the Marine Biology

  • Personal Narrative : A Story?

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    Willow acted calm like it was no big deal we might go in a submarine but I could tell she was excited and eager. Willow’s dad finally finished talking to the lab workers. He walked over to us with a stern look on his face. He sighed like he was sad, and my heart dropped. Did they say no. He sighed again, “Well, they said,” then he smiled, “We can!” All three of us jumped for joy! We were going in a submarine! “You scared me for a second!” Willow told her dad. “Yeah, well we have to go now or we won’t

  • The Missing Found By Margaret Peterson Short Story

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    A mysterious airplane arrives at gate 2B of the airport. It was not supposed to be there. It did not show up on the radar, It was not a scheduled flight, and all airplanes were accounted for. It just appeared. There was no one on board except 36 babies. This is a piece of the book The Missing: Found by Margaret Peterson. While this story takes place in a unique, interesting, and unrealistic setting, it still has a universal theme to it. The author shows that the characters can make strong friendships

  • Dead To You Book Report

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    In the novel, “Dead To You”, written by Lisa McMann, a 2nd grader, named Ethan goes missing for 9 years. He later returns to his searching family at the age of 16. His child abductor named Ellen, kept and took care of him till she abandoned him at a child care center in Nebraska. He ran away after a few days of being at the child care center with no hope for Ellen. He lived on the streets for 3-4 years and spent most of his time on the Library computers, looking for missing children searches. After

  • Comparing Pharoah And Layfette Rivers

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    Pharoah and Layfette Rivers grew up in the projects of Chicago, Illinois in what was known as the Henry Horner Homes. The book portrayed two young boys who wanted to have a typical childhood, but due to their environment, their circumstance did not allow them to live like the children they dreamed of. The boys were raised in a decrepit building: no enclosed lobby, a dark tunnel through the hall, busted first-floor mailboxes, and very dim lighting that required them to carry flashlights. Their mother

  • Avatar Movie Analysis

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    Avatar In 2009 Avatar was released with a highly positive review. Watching this movie around eight times in the first year it was out I concluded that the deeper meaning of the story could be taken two different ways. In a sense it could be depicting how the European’s came and took the Indian’s land, just how the Na’vi seemed to be Native American in traditions and beliefs. The second way of viewing it could be how the humans are killing the planet and its native population just so they can