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  • The Assassination Of Janet Jackson

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    troubled with the incessant cancellation of world tours by the inspiring musical icon, Janet Jackson. The same has repeated again but this time, it is her husband Wissam Al Mana, who is the reason behind her stepping out of the stage and connecting to her fans. However, the shocking news of Janet backing up from performing for the “Unbreakable” did come with a relief as well for the fans. According to reports, Janet has revealed on the social media platform that, she would be engaged in planning her

  • Case Study Janet Jackson

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    Throughout the following essay the in-depth evaluation of the patient Janet Jackson will occur. This evaluation will include the presenting conditions pathophysiology and aetiology. Whilst looking at the deterioration post operatively, again assessing the pathophysiology and nursing management that will be undertaken regarding the new patient condition. It will then be suggested that an interdisciplinary approach be taken to the patients care and justification of this method and referral to other

  • The Korean K Pop Group

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    Everyone has seen a music video at least once in their life, whether young or old, or on MTV or YouTube. Music videos require a combination of a beautiful song and visually pleasing graphics that uses pathos and ethos in order to capture the attention of the audience. The Korean K-pop group BTS utilizes pathos and ethos in their music video for their song “I Need U”. Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bulletproof Boys, or simply BTS, is a seven-member K-pop group formed under Big Hit Entertainment in 2013. “I Need

  • Characteristics Of A Transformational Leader

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    The type of leader I believe I am now is Management my Exception: Active. I have a tendency to force my subordinates to follow rules and stick closely to AFI’s, OI’s, or regulations. I like when things are done properly and effectively and sometimes tend to believe there is only one way to do a task. Due to this mentality, I usually give very detailed instructions on what I want accomplished rather than letting my subordinates figure out some things on their own. During NCOA, I discovered what

  • Descriptive Essay On The Sidewalk

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    A sidewalk is a representation of the path you walk in life. It guides you, protects you, and makes walking down that path easier. They are a concrete road, set out before you, and even though your route is predetermined, only you can decide the destination. SIdewalks can also be seen from the perspective of your own self, and how you relate to them personally. We can use this perspective to see a different side of things, look a little deeper. In me, I see a beautifully multi-colored sidewalk, different

  • College Admissions Essay: The Job Of A Teacher

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    The job of a teacher is for them to educate their students and to listen to what their class has to say. The job of a teacher is also to prepare students for their futures and to assist them when they ask for help. When a teacher is not doing their job, it’s not only hard for their students to learn, but it can damage how they feel about themselves. When I entered high school I never expected to think of myself as a failure, but by the end of my junior year I was completely defeated because of a

  • Pop Princesses of Perversion Essay

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    A sixteen year old girl poses for the camera, wearing a shirt that resembles something more akin to a bra than to an actual shirt. She is lying prostrate upon the floor with the photographer snapping pictures above her scantily-clad form. The girl's name is Britney Spears. She has just recorded her first hit single, named "Hit Me Baby One More Time". As Britney's veneer of a bubblegum pop princess fades, she has resorted to shedding more and more layers of clothing in order to attract

  • The Music Of Music Videos

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    The development of music videos throughout many years has changed rapidly due to the relationship between media forms and platforms of different media kind of texts. Some issues in contemporary music videos are from the evolution of new technologies, social media and politics. Thus, artists throughout time have taken advantage of music videos in order to use it as a site for debates about politics of representation. Nowadays the majority of music videos are transforming and turning into short films

  • Nursing Case Study : Jane Jackson's Case : Janet Jackson

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    CASE STUDY 1- JANET JACKSON According to the case study, I will be dealing with a 40 years old single mother of three, named Janet Jackson. She is diagnosed with leiomyomas and has a past history of depression and is a chain smoker. She was admitted to the hospital for vaginal hysterectomy via spinal anaesthetic. On her return to the ward after 2 hours in PARU, her vital signs were as follows: Blood pressure-90/50 mm Hg; pulse: 130bpm; respiration rate: 30/min; temperature: 36.5 C. Her pain score

  • Theme Of The Song That's The Way Love Mean

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    The Song’s Information The sensual and romantic song “That’s the Way Love Goes” changes Janet Jackson into a confident, self-sufficient, and glamorous musician from the girl next door. As the lead single on her fifth studio album, Janet, it achieved a great success not only in the U.S. but also around the world. The song entered the Billboard Hot 100 and became the number one song on the list for eight weeks. It was also reigning the most famous hit on Hot 100 Airplay for ten weeks. Moreover, the