Japan Air Self-Defense Force

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  • Emperor Jimmu

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    Emperor Jimmu, the first Emperor of Japan, officially formed Japan in 660 Before Common Era (BCE.) Throughout Japan’s 2600 years of history, there have been many wars and conflicts fought across Japan and the Pacific region. Through the ages, Japan has always had an Emperor at the head of its government, although this role has changed through time. Japan saw many economic changes, the biggest of which occurred after World War II (WWII). With Japan’s history, woven in war throughout the Pacific

  • Clint Eastwood's _Letters from Iwo Jima_ Essay

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    suicide and avoid capture of the enemy was considered noble and heroic in the Japanese military. In a way, the soldiers were brainwashed into doing anything for the emperor of Japan and were told over and over how glorious it is to die on the battlefield for their country. During the film, one Japanese soldier points out that Japan will win the war due to the fact that the Americans show too much sympathy and emotion for human life, and do not have the same desire and will that the Japanese have. One

  • Japanese And American Culture Essay

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    Japan and Our Similar Culture Japan and the United States have been allies for years. Our two countries have overcome many obstacles to achieve the alliance we currently maintain. Even though there has been some challenges and differences over the years, our two countries have some similarities. There are differences between Japanese and American cultures as well. Japan is a successful country, and continues to thrive, due to its operational environment and rich culture. The operational

  • Japan 's Influence On Its Unique Culture

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    United States ally, Japan has successfully made its existence known to the international community. Over the period of the nineteenth and twentieth century’s, Japan has gone through drastic changes to its political, military, and economic infrastructure that has had an impact on its unique culture. At the beginning of Japan’s Edo Period, “in the year 1639, the Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu imposes the seclusion of Japan, by cutting off the links with all foreign states. Japan resigns thus to any

  • Dispute Between Japan And China Essay

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    an ongoing territorial dispute between Japan and China over isolated islands and has been going on for decades but lately tensions have escalated. The problems that had manifested are the control for the maritime resources, the military balance of power in Asia. Also, we know the distrust between Japan and China because of activism, and the need for power. We should get involved because these are our allies and we don’t want china to take advance of japan because their military is more strong and

  • Post War Constitution Essay

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    States’ formal occupation of Japan began to end with the implementation of the 1947 Post-War Constitution. The new constitution, founded on liberal and democratic institutions, also called for military restriction, similar to the post-war constitution adopted in Germany. Chapter II, Renunciation of War, contains the famous peace clause, Article 9. Article 9 states, “Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international

  • Japan Defense Essay

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    2016 marks dramatic changes in Japan’s defense and military actions. According to the Annual White Paper of Japan’s Ministry of Defense, Japan has been facing changes of its neighboring countries’ military operations in 2016. Due to North Korea’s military provocations, China’s aggression in the North China Sea, Russia’s fortified marine and air forces, and beheaded of two Japanese civilians by the ISIS, the Ministry of Defense (MOD) and the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) have to take up the responsibility

  • Japan 's Government And Civil Law System Essay

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    History of Japan plays a big factor in understanding its culture. Japan is located in Eastern Asia, island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, east of the Korean Peninsula. Japan has many concerning natural hazardous features as well as environmental problems that effects agriculture as well as economy and population. Japan’s government and civil law system reflect those of German and Anglo-American structures. Learning about the people and society of Japan can be easily

  • The Becameral Diet: The Rise Of Japan's Political Power

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    Japan has several failures along with several accomplishments. From the fallout of World War II and their military today. From the changing of the Constitution, that governs the political standpoint of the nation. Consequently, how the nation became a powerhouse in export and import. Finally hitting a major recession in the stock markets. After Japan’s loss during World War II, government officials signed a post-war constitution that now governs how its military can train. Japan trains

  • Analysis Of The Article ' 9 Of The Japanese Constitution '

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    contentious issue within Japanese society as well as in the global context. Through the reinterpretation, the Japan Self Defense Forces (JSDF) were for the first time authorized to engage in acts of collective self-defense. As elaborated below, this occurred as a natural response to an evolving foreign policy status quo. This paper provides a cursory overview of the post-WWII history of Japan and posits that the confluence of the rise of previously benign China along with a shifting U.S. strategy in