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  • The True Artisans of Japanese Artifact Swords Essay example

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    have begun to desire Japanese artifacts. Most producers attempt to sate this desire through mass production. While this alternative may be inexpensive, it lacks the high quality that true artisans can deliver. In these cases, consumers are also at fault as they let their desire for instant gratification outweigh their desire for superior creations. Largely, in the production of crafts, producers

  • The Evolution Of Ancient Wargames

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    dueled in this era were lightly armored and used various other weapons aside from swords as the main weapon, and was oft accompanied by a shield. There used to be duels between two individuals and sometimes entire armies. It was used in the ancient era after the fall of Rome to settle disputes and to deal justice (Castello). From there, the medieval era holds some interesting insight. Schools arose that taught sword fighting, though, at this point in time, it is not yet known as Fencing. Written works

  • The Evolution Of The Samurai Sword

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    The Evolution Of The Samurai Sword The Samurai are some of the most feared warriors in the history of warfare. Masters of hand to hand combat, surprise and showing no fear of the enemy. The soul of the Samurai was his sword, it held the power and strength to cut men in half with a single blow. The Samurai/ Katana did not appear in the history books all at once. The sword took hundreds of years to perfect, and the smith months to make the perfect sword. The Katana became an art form and took

  • Essay On Knights Vs Samurai

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    Knights vs Samurai essay From researching about knights and samurai, I believe that in a battle between a knight and samurai, the knight would have a greater chance in winning. This is because knights focused more on fighting techniques and how to improve them, rather than focusing on spiritual beliefs and traditions as well, which is what the samurai did. The knights also had very strong and good armour which helped a lot in battles, while the samurai’s armour changed a lot but wasn’t ever as effective

  • Ninjas In Ancient Japan

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    can be some historically accurate but there is lots of ways like the way they dress, the weapons they use, and the way they live in the world. The art of the ninja is very hard and deadly. Real ninjas are silent killers that come from a bit of japanese culture that were very sneaky, the element of surprise was the greatest weapon that they had. Ninjas were evil and do not care about other people's honor, they were paid killers that just wanted money. Ninjas are more than just a normal fighter,

  • Chivalry And The Codes Of Chivalry

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    The broad-shouldered and muscular knight stood before his king, ready to take fealty. His sword glistened from being wiped clean of battle. The knight was well-known and honored throughout the kingdom. These males made different vows to protect their country. There were ceremonies for these affirmations. They had special clothing for battle and everyday living. One part of this was because of the codes of chivalry. Chivalry has been around for centuries. Knights like those of the middle ages had

  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Analysis

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    RELATED: Photograph, the eagerness in Muhammad’s facial expression emphasises her will to develop further skills and gain power which she could express to the world. This is shown through Body gesture - on knee ready to fight with the composition of the sword in the middle of the foreground, creating it the focus image, enabling the audience to interpret Muhammad’s search for freedom and power as one which acts as a catalyst for equality amongst society which is crucial in order to diminish the struggles

  • Comparison Between Hamlet And Ophelia

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    Tyler Russell Mrs. Short English 4 20 October 2017 Hamlet Essay The two characters I’m analyzing and comparing are Hamlet and Ophelia. I’m choosing these two because they are very different, from two different families that don’t like each other. But their in love at the same time. So I feel like Hamlet and Ophelia are the best options for this essay. Hamlet should have tried to express his love a little less so Ophelia’s father wouldn’t have found out about how madly in love with her Hamlet was

  • My Father : The Myst Impact Of My Life

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    and armory blacksmithing of any kind. I have a fascination of all blades and other weapons. The elegance of a katana or the heftiness of a claymore. I’ve watched so many old war movies and i’ve always wanted to make a sword myself. It would be a beautiful sword a captain's sword to be exact the guard would be a cross while the hilt would hold a gold trim. 8.probably Da vinci the inventor. I would ask about all his projects and i would want to work on them with him it would be cool to see an inventor

  • Short Story

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    This thing was stupid enough to stand in front of me, Jet the legendary monster killer, and shake out his source of music. I put it back in and reached out to grab the tuft of fur hanging from his chin. Quickly I switched directions and pulled my sword out of the ice, ran and cut into the Grim’s right ankle. The giant screeched. I spin around and lunge for its left ankle, giving it a nice clean cut. He started to stumble forward. This isn’t gonna take long. The beast reached to swing at me with its