Jaron Lanier

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  • The Internet and User Content Essay

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    January 18th, 2012 New York Times article “The False Ideals of the Web”, Jaron Lanier attempts to take a very difficult issue – one that many view in terms of black or white – and find some middle ground. Unfortunately, what he ends up doing in the article is create an either/or situation, rather than find any middle ground. In the end we are left in the same situation that we started with. In the first paragraph, Jaron appeals to the pathos of the reader; he assumes that the reader is of the

  • Anonymity On The Internet

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    increased the ease at which someone can become anonymous. In recent discussions of anonymity on the internet, a controversial issue has been whether or not anonymity is dangerous to society. On one hand, individuals like Jaron Lanier disagree with the idea of anonymity. Jaron Lanier, author of You Are Not a Gadget, believes that anonymity only brings out the worst in people. Because anonymity allows users to exist without proving their identity, it makes it near impossible to tell a troll from a real

  • Virtual Reality as Jaron Lanier Envisioned It.

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    VR Essay 2. Virtual Reality as Lanier envisioned it has not eventuated, yet the desires he articulated live on. Discuss. To discuss Lanier’s keen views and anticipations regarding Virtual Reality back in the mid 1980s, it would be useful to first cover exactly how far Virtual Reality has progressed up until today. This essay will begin by discussing the history of Virtual Reality and the usage trends. That discussion will then be used to preface a discussion about Lanier’s views that were expressed

  • The Life of Aemelia Lanyer

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    It was said that she was the best poet of her time and during her career. Aemelia Lanyer sought out to prove just that. Aemelia was a strong minded woman who stood for equality. She stressed her need for woman to be heard. Using her work for the women of many generations, she proved that they were just as important to society as men. Aemelia inspired women to play their roles in society. She was an inspiration to some, an alter ego to others, and a hero to many. She was strong, bold, and outspoken

  • The Tri State Water War

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    Tri-State Water War Nathan A. Smith Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Thesis: Georgia should be able to continue their withdrawals from Lake Lanier and the water basins because of their water supply needs for irrigating its crops in the south, flood control, and sustaining its rapidly growing population in the metro Atlanta area. Epa, U. (2013). Georgia: Upper Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin, (2). Retrieved December 7, 2014, from

  • The Importance Of Drinking Water In Georgia

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    Water plays a vital role in everyday life, from quenching your thirst on a hot summer day, to being one of the main ingredient of life in all aspects on earth. Recently, Georgia has been under a severe water drought. Lake Lanier in Georgia, which is a major supply of drinking water to its state, and neighboring states Alabama, and Florida; has been at its lowest in years. Georgia’s drought is certainly due to the lack of precipitation; therefore, creating water levels to decline more rapidly as time

  • The Passerby

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    In source one, the cartoonist shows the large pay gap between those who embrace collectivism and those who are more for individualism. The classical liberal is shown to be more economically successful than the modern liberal. Although each person in the collective of teachers receives one two-hundredth of what the hockey player is paid in a year, they appear to be happy and more upright than the hockey player. On the other hand, the hockey player is depicted as an ‘all about me’ individual who is

  • Quotes From Tom's Guide

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    Virtual Reality was an invention that revolutionized the world of entertainment. So basically, here are 3 quotes from Tom’s Guide. First one is “What was once the stuff of Hollywood fantasy has now become reality.” So virtual reality made everything that was only real in movies reality. The second quote is “With its high refresh rate and low latency, most people shouldn't experience motion sickness in theory.” What it is saying is that you won’t get motion sickness from playing on a VR system. The

  • The Circle Eggers

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    There are several similarities between “the circle” by Dave Eggers and “You are not a gadget” by Jaron Lanier. Although the book by Jaron is non fiction, they both speak of the effects of digitalized utopianism on a daily life of an individual. In both books the aspect of internet is explained at large and also spells out the dangers of living online and the impossibility

  • Summary of Prevail and Transcend Scenario in Radical Evolution

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    Summary of Prevail and Transcend Scenario In chapter six of Radical Evolution, author Joel Garreau shows through various interviews and examples that even though technology may be rising on an exponentially increasing Curve, humans may still be able to change the effects of technological advance in unpredictable ways. Deemed the Prevail scenario, it is also characterized by humans slowing down once-viewed inevitable change viewed as negative and speeding up positive change. Another great theme