Jaws: The Revenge

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  • I Enjoy The Forest - Original Writing

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    above the arm flails a scythe-like appendage. Such a creature cannot exist in this forest that I am willing to call home, right? This beast gets it’s second hand onto land, and begins to raise itself out of the pool. Dripping with slime, it’s huge jaws and very long fangs become exposed. It’s bladed teeth gnash and with deep, growling vocalizations, it begins to completely lift itself out of the bath, and it stands on it 's very, skinny feet. It has very broad shoulders, but it’s body quickly narrows

  • Jaws: A Short Story

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    It was a Wednesday and Colleen and Keve were sitting on the couch watching Jaws. Like they do every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and Friday. On Wednesday they watch Jaws 2, on Saturday they watch Jaws the Revenge, on Sunday they watch Jaws the Original, and on Friday they watch Jaws 3. So today they were watching Jaws 2.The movie was right at the scene when Hooper is down in the water looking for Jaws in the shark cage. The sound of the door being pounded on and kicked down was a fright to Keve

  • What Are The 10 Worst Films Of The 1980s

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    It's easy to view the 1980's in childlike wonder like it's some distant fairytale utopia. The economy was booming, the music was bumping and fashion was fly. However, lest we forget, the 1980's had some serious low points. Take Hollywood for example. Even the good movies seem a bit "campy" these days. Today, we're not here to talk about the good films, though. Sadly, we're about to delve into the bad with the 10 worst films of the 1980's. Let's begin. 1. STAR TREK V: THE LAST FRONTIER "Trekkies"

  • Carcasses Of The Hen Harrier

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    sky. After investigating the situation, the case was dropped because they could not find the carcasses of the hen harriers (Sayre, 2016). I believe this art piece with the hen harrier carrying a red Range Rover represents the hen harrier getting revenge or retaliation on the Royal family. Because of their status and power, I believe they think they are above the law. The authorities dropped the

  • Essay about Movie Villains

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    easily detected them or stopping them. They come in all shapes and sizes from animals to little children to even space aliens. Each villain has his or her own particular style, usually greed. Another big reason for there evil acts is because of revenge, revenge can turn innocent people in to cold blooded killers. The term used to represent villains is antagonist, or someone who opposes the protagonist or hero of the story. Movie villains are not just plainly the main enemy in a movie as in Nightmare

  • Revenge Of The Sith

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    yourself for the light speed paced adventure Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Inarguably, the Star Wars franchise has been the most influential and most beloved saga ever. Unfortunately, director George Lucas lost his magic touch when it came time to write and film the Revenge of the Sith. With stiff writing and prepubescent acting it was impossible for the incredible visuals of laser blaster fire and breathe-taking scenery, as well as jaw-dropping action sequences to save the film. One will have

  • Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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    Similar to his courtiers, Claudius also chooses to ignore Hamlet, not taking him seriously because he too considers Hamlet to be mad. Scene IV: 1. The first conclusion Hamlet makes after his soliloquy is that he has been cowardly in pursuing his revenge against Claudius and failed to complete his

  • Cause Unimaginable Consequences Of Pride In Homer's Odyssey

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    unimaginable consequences. Has your pride ever caused unimaginable consequences for yourself? That’s what happens to many characters in The Odyssey, their pride causes them to be rude, and in turn, causes other characters to want revenge on them. The other Characters getting revenge, usually meant killing them in ancient Greece, which is a huge consequence they could have avoided. The Odyssey by Homer uses pride to create the entire plot of the book because all the problems throughout the story were because

  • Dragon Essay

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    father’s gruesome ways, and threw him off into a wall and sending him through it. Cantorok flew directly back at his son his mouth open ready to blast a jet of flame. Galoplex caught his father by the jaws and threw him to the floor his hind legs digging into the fallen dragons chest. He let go of Cantorok’s jaw and said with a voice of pure control, “Leave this mountain and leave this land, never come back!” But Cantorok had too much pride to do so and took his aim at his son’s chest. Galoplex felt his

  • Captain Of Pequod

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    The story Moby Dick depicts how the Captain of Pequod, Ahab, unceasingly chased for revenge the white whale named Moby Dick. There are lots of symbols that can be seen in the story. One of those are the following: •Captain Ahab- the pequod obssessed captain whom loses his leg in an encounter with a spermwhale on his last voyage. Therefore, he uses a false leg that was made by sperm whale's jaw. He considered Moby Dick as an enemy. This can be observed in Chapter 36 wherein Ahab sees Moby Dick as