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  • The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie

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    In her novel, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Spark illustrates an array of problems that occur when a single person has too much control over a larger group. Spark confronts readers with a teacher who oversteps her position through her attempts to control the lives and futures of a group of schoolgirls. Miss Jean Brodie supports the fascist agenda, washes her student’s thoughts with her own ideals, segregates her group of girls from the rest of the students in the Marcia Blaine School for Girls,

  • The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie

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    theme in the novel “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” is control. In the novel, Miss Jean Brodie is an educator at the Marcia Blaine School for Girls. The school is very traditional and Miss Brodie teaches against those values, even being named a progressive spinster by other members of the staff. Miss Brodie oversees a specific group of girls named the Brodie set. In “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”, Spark depicts the control and negative influence Miss Brodie has on the group of girls such as Mary

  • The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie

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    The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Analysis The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Spark uses characterization to depict the powerful influence an individual can have over multiple individuals, whether it be morally right or wrong. The characterization of Miss Jean Brodie Miss Jean Brodie impacts the plot of the novel substantially due to the fact she is a central character in the novel. Miss Brodie is dedicated to her girls also known as the Brodie set. She states “You are my vocation. If I were to receive

  • Theme Of Miss Jean Brodie

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    topic permeates the whole novel and I think it’s really interesting to have a deeper look at it. Miss Jean Brodie is an unorthodox, self-centred teacher who takes her own opinions for an absolute truth. "Art and religion first; then philosophy; lastly science. That is the order of the great subjects of life, that's their order of importance." (21) From the first view, one could say that Miss Jean Brodie supports her girls’ individualities and helps them to raise themselves and be better but the opposite

  • The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie

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    The prime of Miss Jean Brodie tells the story of a middle aged teacher at a very orthodox school that has a very unorthodox way of teaching. The story unfolds with the introduction of the six girls; Sandy Stranger who is a small eyed member but famous for how she pronounces her vowels. Rose Stanley who Miss Brodie insists will be famous for sex. Mary Macgregor is considered the scapegoat who no one really likes. Monica Douglas was a prefect and famous for math and her anger. Jenny Gray, famous for

  • The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie Essay

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    Muriel Sparks The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie tells the story of the extraordinary Miss Brodie, a teacher at a school located in Edinburgh in the late 1930’s. She has a set of six girls, her ‘crème de la crème’, who are called the Brodie set. One of the things that characterizes this novel is the way time is used. Instead of telling the story in a chronological order the author writes in a non-sequential way, having paid a lot of attention to the order in which the events are told. This has an effect

  • The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie Summary

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    In The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie narration is a key element in the appeal of the story. The book starts off in medias res and continues to make use of both analepses and prolepses. Many believe that an omniscient narrator, in part because of the anachrony, recounts the book but in this essay I will argue that the book has an unreliable narrator through examination of the narration of character of Mary. On many occasions Muriel Spark uses narration to endorse the treatment of Mary by the other characters

  • The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie Analysis

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    rich European working for the company even though he may seem out of place with the starving Africans. In the novel The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Jean Brodie, is a teacher at an all girls, catholic private school and does not actually belong or fit in. She believes in teaching what she wants and thinks it is more important than learning the school curriculum. Jean Brodie and Kurtz are actually very similar in that they are in new situations, but face them differently. Kurtz is in a place with natives

  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

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    narrative technique of prolepsis (flash-forward). For example, the reader is aware early on that Miss Brodie is betrayed, though sequentially this happens at the end of their school years. Gradually Spark reveals the betrayer, and lastly all the details surrounding the event are told. Spark develops her characters in this way, too: Joyce Emily is introduced right away as the girl who is rejected from the Brodie set. With this technique, the narrator of the story is omniscient and timeless, relating the entire

  • The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie

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    'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie unfolds several dimensions of the female role. Set in Edinburgh in the 1930s, we are presented with a protagonist whom is a striking female role model in her domineering, manipulating and sexual powers, powers which we see her use to obtain her desired plans for her 'Brodie set,' the 'creme de la creme.' We see Miss Brodie play a God like figure in the novel, leading, teaching and imposing her opinions on them in hopes they will become like her. She strongly echoes