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  • Analysis Of Leon The Professional

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    Leon: The Professional (1994) Leon: the Professional is considered to be one of the best action films of the 1990s. The film is set in modern day New York and features Jean Reno as Leon, a professional hitman, and twelve-year-old Natalie Portman as Mathilda, a neighbor of Leon in an apartment complex. The film is, despite the tremendous age gap of the two characters, is a rather sensitive love story. A film that is about people who have seen sights most people would never want to see, but need

  • Qhetorical Analysis Of Isabella Bird's Lake Tahoe

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    Journalist, Isabella Bird, in her journal, “Lake Tahoe,” expresses her feelings about Lake Tahoe and the journey there. Bird's purpose is to outline her trip and journey to Lake Tahoe. She adopts a nostalgic tone in order to express her feelings to her readers. Bird opens her journal, on September second, by describing what Lake Tahoe looks like in her eyes. It was “not lovable, like the Sandwich Islands, but beautiful in it’s own way!” she is saying that Lake Tahoe is not beautiful in looks however

  • The Sparks Heritage Museum Is An Important Architectural

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    The Sparks Heritage Museum is an important architectural facet of the Sparks area. The building was built in 1931, by Rousch & Belz Contractors, and designed by Frederic J. DeLongchamps to serve as the Sparks branch of the Washoe County Library. The building served as the first public library in area and is located at 814 Victorian Ave, Sparks, NV (all PDF). The building was placed on the Nation Register of Historic Places in 1984 (Website) and displays influences from the Mediterranean Revival style

  • The Washoe County School District

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    The Washoe County School District recognizes the importance of sustainability and how sustainability will allow for our stakeholders to have a successful future. As a district we believe in implementing sustainable values in each person that we come into contact with by leading lives that are reflective of creating a sustainable future. The WCSD defines sustainability as: creating an environment that promotes learning, civic engagement, and collaboration in ways that create mindful citizens that

  • Informative Essay: The Ideal State Of Nevada

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    Let me tell you about a marvelous state called Nevada. Nevada is located in the southwestern side of the United States. Nevada is known as the “Silver State,” which is the official nickname, even though it says “Battleborn” on their flag. Since most of the U.S gold came from Nevada, you’d think that it would be called the Golden State, but nope, that title goes to California, for reasons I do not know. Furthermore, Nevada has a tremendous amount of history, fascinating geographical features, glorious

  • The Entertainment Of Caesars Entertainment

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    I. Summary- Caesars Entertainment has rebranded, refreshed and reimagined worn properties in North Lake Tahoe, Tahoe South, and Reno. “While casinos still have gaming, it’s not the primary focus,” says Mike Frye, event & media relations manager for Lake Tahoe. (Robertson 2015) They have built convention as well as have recreation such as skiing. Caesars Entertainment planned over twenty-five million dollars in renovations to bring guests into the property. II. General-environmental Shift a. There

  • Pros And Cons Of Gambling Addiction

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    Gambling addiction can be a serious a problem, for some more than others. Some have the self-control to know when enough is enough, and then some don’t. After reading the article it is safe to say that Mr. Watanabe had some serious issues. Not only did he have a serious gambling problem, he also had a drinking and drug problem. These two together is not a good combination. This was not your normal gambling issue, this was the biggest loss in Vegas history of 127 million dollars! Seeing this from

  • Sacramento Kings Buy Controlling Interest Of The Reno Bighorns

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    The Sacramento Kings Buy Controlling Interest of The Reno Bighorns By: Marisol Bragg The Sacramento Kings, and the Reno Bighorns have been intertwined for the last eight years. The Kings have regulated professional inquiries for the Bighorns since 2013. Prior to the 2013-2014 season, the teams entered into single affiliation partnership, only controlling, and managing the basketball operations. In October, The Kings announced that the deal was final, they will now be undertaking all business operations

  • Strategic Goals and Management Plan for Harrah's Hotel & Casino.

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    Objectives. About Harrah's Harrah's Hotel & Casino is an exciting entertainment destination in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, offering its customers first class hotel accommodations, gaming, entertainment and promotions. With so many hotels and casinos in the Las Vegas valley, one must determine its goals and vision to guarantee that it stands out from the competition, offering its customers unprecedented service while providing unique incentives for its employees. Mission statement. A company's

  • Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc

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    Executive Summary Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. has been a pioneer in the casino industry by becoming the first company to become publicly trade in the stock market. Also, they have set themselves apart from competitors with their approach to customer service and building lasting relationships. These differentiations from competitors lead them to highly invest on information technology to track customer’s trends and habits. This paper analyses how the Harrah’s benefits from their unique approach