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  • Descriptive Essay About My Dress

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    My mom flips the bag over and the bells inside pierce the air with their shrill noise. The contents tumble out, and she picks up one of the items, a heavy, black skirt. She spreads out the skirt, also known as the lehenga, to its full grandeur. The golden dots splatter the black chiffon and the skirt swishes around when my mom twists to show it to me. The green border isn’t strictly green; it’s filled with reds, blues, yellows, and oranges. The individual stitches weave back and forth, creating single

  • Office Apparel Research Paper

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    The combination of Women's fashion and proper office apparel offers a unique challenge to any fashion designer; and the fashion trend for Spring 2009 is no exception. For Spring 2009 the fashion industry offers fabrics that are sheer, soft and flowing and full of color. Platform heels are back as well as cardigans. If you are looking to build your office wardrobe, here are five of the hottest trends for Spring 2009's appropriate office apparel. And the nice thing is, they can be bought at Walmart

  • Olivia Palermo's Excellent Style Knowledge

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    runway show for Nina Ricci's Spring 2014. This event was on the 26th of September. She had on a pencil skirt with a pale pink hue and a matching white pea coat and a ruffle top. The editor Anno Dello Rosso was seated next to her. The Christian Dior Show was another stop during Paris Faashionb Week Women's Wear Summer 2014 on September 27 at Musee Rodin. She had on an orange-colored fitted blazer, a skirt with silk detailing and lace, and a bustier that has graphic white prints. Her purple-toed heels

  • Product Questionnaire On Shoenix Den

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    countries. The usual contestants are product designers or service operators who need money to fund their products and there are five judges who each have a choice to Introduction In this unit it is all about how to make skirt. I will be investigating the different types of skirts and the materials we need to use Systems of production Aim

  • Is Mini Skirt Still in Fashion

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    280-AD-Jan 2011 Name : Anuradha Walpitagama Batch No : 45 ID No : 280-AD-Jan 2011 Is Mini Skirt still in fashion? Is Mini Skirt still in fashion? Fashion in 1950 – 70 era Is Mini Skirt still in fashion? Today we are in the 21st century in an era where the fashion is at its peak. The fashion industry has developed so fast during the last decade. This is mainly due to the development of technology. The Mini Skirt emerged during the late 1950 & was very popular between 1950 to 1970 20th century can

  • The Counterculture Of The Sixties

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    The clothing options included: pencil skirts, swing skirts, pedal pushers, cigarette pants, collared blouses, and much more. There were a wide variety of shoes for the girls and women as well, including the saddle shoes we a ll know and “love”! that are very well “loved”! New ideasInnovations in

  • What Is Androgyny

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    in with this. I will be using theories from authors like: Judith Butler, Rebecca Arnold and Stuart Hall to support my research analysis. I will also be adding images to back up and secure my research analysis. The image I have chosen to analyse is Jean Paul Gaultier 1984-1985 autumn/winter dress from his barbes collection; the photo was taken in 1994 by Paolo Roversi and modelled by Tanel Bedrossiantz. In the photo Bedrossiantz is positioned in a feminine-like pose. He is

  • The Perpetuation of Female Stereotypes Essay

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    Images are all around us, and while some are helpful many can destroy the image that is our existence. These negative images are projected at us through media, and the media is all around us, making it at the very least difficult if not impossible to ignore them. A great analysis of the effect of these negative images on young women is a film titled Beyond Killing Us Softly. The third in a series of films on the advertising industry, body image, and women, Beyond Killing Us Softly is a 30-minute

  • Analysis Of Brent Cross Shopping Centre Essay

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    This report looks into River Island store visit in Brent Cross Shopping Centre on 15th of November 2016. With over 60 years of experience River Island is well-know brand on the High Street fashion, which offers stylish and affordable fashion items for its customer. It has over 350 stores across the UK, Ireland and internationally throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe. ( The main aim of this report is to overlook stores visual merchandising, layout, customer service and other

  • Essay On The 1960s

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    distinctive from traditional values. Additionally, they had inspiration hints drawn out of the ‘Mod’ movement, a conclusive subculture well received and picked up in that time and took hold, it maybe in the silhouette or in the design scheme of the ‘mini-skirt’, the ‘bubble dress’ or even the futuristic ‘space age’