Jefferson County

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  • Descriptive Essay About Poplar Hill

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    visit was a bit different. Excited by the opportunity of this visit, a bit nervous, questioning my preparation, but determined to gain knowledge and the hope to chronicle stories about Jefferson County, and the Poplar Hill Plantation. Amazingly, I fell in love with this place in the backwoods of Jefferson County, it would

  • Creative Writing: The Jefferson County Patriots

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    Jefferson City, TN- The Jefferson County Patriots, comeback from eleven-points down in the third set to sweep the South Doyle Cherokees 25-21, 28-26, 25-23, on Thursday night at the Patriot Academy. “We feel good after the win.” Coach Kylie Whaley said, “We have worked on playing together as a team, we’ve struggled with that in some areas throughout the season, so I think we’re finally getting to the point where that’s all coming together.” Just because and so they definitely did that. I think

  • Descriptive Essay About Living In The House

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    The House on Veteran’s Boulevard I lived in a house on Veteran’s Boulevard for the first two years of my life. It was there that I learned to walk and talk. Living in the house was entirely uneventful. There is videos from my first birthday that were filmed in this house. I was chubby and red faced and happy, sitting in my highchair not so patiently awaiting my birthday cake, the first i 'd ever had. I believe this cake was vanilla, ironic actually because now I cannot stand the taste, or even

  • Jefferson County Egan Murders Research Paper

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    The Jefferson County Egan Murders are nothing of surprise to anyone. On the cold dark night of New Years in 1964 Gerald and Peter along with their sister Barbra Egan were found killed at the rest stop on Interstate 81 in Watertown NY. The murders were carried out very well leaving little evidence behind on the scene. The murder weapons were suspected to be a .38 and a .25 caliber handgun and possibly a semi-automatic rifle. The Egan’s were widely known in the area for robberies and burglaries that

  • Book Report: The Jefferson County Egan Murders

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    In the book The Jefferson County Egan Murders a n actual murder took place on December 31st (January 1st ) 1964-1965. Suspect Joe Leone was in fact jailed in connection with the murders. Peter Egan (27), Barbara Egan (24) and Gerald Egan (19) planned on celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends at a local bowling alley, but before they did they went to do something illegal. But in the waning hours of 1964, the three were found dead, all with two bullets fired into their heads. Peter Egan was abusive

  • Case Study: Castaldo Vs. Jefferson County

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    Yes, I would call the VHSL to complain about the “ineligible” player. My reasoning is supported by the Tort Law, which falls under the 5th Amendment. The legal case and ruling that support my choice is Castaldo v. Jefferson County within this ruling the major principle is negligence, the failure to exercise due care resulting injury or loss. There are four elements that are tested with negligence; they are duty, breach, causation and injury. I think my choice is reasonable because first the principal

  • Case Study Of Jefferson County Department Of Health And Environment

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    Jefferson County Department of Health and Environment Goals / Objectives / Activity Measures Health Promotion and Lifestyle Management Public Health Communications Program 75507 Division Program or Activity Business Unit GOAL #1 Effectively promote the department and its programs through diverse communications, public relations and public information activities Objective #1 Plan, develop, implement and evaluate comprehensive strategy plan for the Department/divisions for

  • Descriptive Essay On Poplar Hill Farm

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    adventure of a lifetime, excited by the opportunity, a bit nervous, questioning my preparedness, but determined to gain knowledge from Willie and Boles about their lives in Jefferson County. Who knew that this place in the backwoods of Jefferson County, would become my passion and a love affair with everything Jefferson County, Mississippi and Poplar Hill Farm/Plantation, Poplar Hill African Methodist Episcopal Church and finally the Poplar Hill School. Open and receptive to again meet Willie Jackson

  • Economic Development For The Jefferson County Conducted By Laronda Joy Davis

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    business plan addresses a variety of issues associated with creating and operating a business incubator to foster entrepreneurship in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. It was developed based on the findings and observations of economic development for the Jefferson County conducted by LaRonda Joy Davis. Purpose The Uniquely Adapting People through Business Incubator (UAPBI), located downtown Pine Bluff, will contribute to job creation, and provide for enhanced economic health to the region. Description

  • How To Write A Short Story: Jefferson Davis County School

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    It was a cold early morning, me, Little man, Cassie, and Stacey were walking to Great Faith elementary school and every day the white kids of Jefferson Davis County school would always ride the bus and we had to walk. We had a history test and I had some cheatin notes and I pulled my cheatin notes out in front of Stacey and Stacey asked me “Do you plan on using those notes?” “Only if I have to,” I replied “Let me see those” said. I handed the notes to her and all of a sudden she ripped them