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  • Viking Art : A Critique

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    illustrated study of Viking art from the Scandinavian world from AD 800 to around AD 1100. Graham-Campbell chose not to focus on one particular style or one specific location, but instead paints a vivid picture of Viking art all over the Scandinavian world and how it changed and was adapted in various time periods of the Viking Age. The study explores the art styles of Oseberg c. 775- c. 875, Borre c.850- c. 950, Jellinge c. 900 - c. 975, Mammen c. 960’s - c. 1000/1025, Ringerike c. 1000 - c. 1075, and

  • Narration Techniques Add Interest in Charles Brockden Brown's Wieland

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    Narration Techniques Add Interest in Charles Brockden Brown's Wieland In today's popular horror movies, one common element is that the audience always knows what is going to happen. The main character, of course, is clueless. The girl always runs up the stairs when she should be running out the door or into the woods when she should be running to an open area. I am usually forced to yell in exasperation at the TV screen, always hoping that the girl will hear me. Somehow, she never does

  • Metaphors Analysis in Sylvia Plath's Poem Essay

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    Metaphors Analysis in Sylvia Plath's Poem In Sylvia Plath’s poem, Metaphors, she uses striking imagery to explore her ambivalent attitudes about pregnancy. For example, she uses a negative metaphor saying she is an elephant, meaning she thinks that she has become very fat since she got pregnant. On the other hand, she uses a positive metaphor saying the baby is precious, meaning although pregnancy has its down sides it has got a few good sides like the baby. The

  • Raymond Carvers Cathedral Essay

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         As with many short stories, Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” only has a few pages to develop his main character and create a scenario he or she must learn from or achieve something from or change because of. In such a short amount of space, word choice is integral in constructing a solid impression of the characters and their personalities in the reader’s mind. Carver’s simple use of language and sentence structure combined with his choice for point of view creates an intriguing

  • Richard Cory Ezra Farmer Essay

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    Abigail Bauer AP English 02/17/15 While reading the poems “Richard Cory” and “Ezra Farmer”, it is almost immediately evident which poem is an original and which is a parody. Both poems are clearly about men that are popular among those he meets, but once the reader looks beneath the surface, they notice how the diction plays an important role in relaying the theme to the audience it is presented to. In the poem “Richard Cory” written by Edwin Arlington Robinson, the theme being portrayed is that

  • Essay on Tell-tale Heart Literary Analysis

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    irony and style to pull off a believable sense of paranoia. In this particular story, Poe decided to write it in the first person narrative. This technique is used to get inside the main character's head and view his thoughts and are often exciting. The narrator in the Tell-Tale Heart is telling the story on how he killed the old man while pleading his sanity. To quote a phrase

  • His Everlasting Moment of Intimacy Essay

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    In the widely acclaimed novel “Catching Fire”, the fictional character Peeta Mellark is quoted as saying, “I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever.” (Collins). Coincidentally, that is what the unnamed lover in Robert Browning’s dramatic monologue “Porphyria’s Lover” aspires to achieve when he murders his beloved Porphyria, in hopes of preserving their intimate moment for eternity. At the start of the poem, Browning seemingly shows his audience a loving, romantic

  • Lenz, by Georg Buchner

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    ‘Lenz’, the protagonist is portrayed as a fallen man, disjointed from society and mentally unstable. Buchner’s portrays Lenz’s fall into madness in his narrative style, the use of realisation and the use of nature. Moreover, one can evaluate their effectiveness in portraying Lenz’s descent into madness. By examining Buchner’s narrative style, one can see that it is dissimilar to other German Romantics. Where Von Kleist seems journalistic in ‘The Marchioness of O..’ the narrative in ‘Lenz’ appears

  • Life Of Pi Paragraphs : Synopsis

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    Life of Pi Paragraphs Plot: 92 Chapter 92 is a story of its own. It begins by exciting the reader with something new: an island, then it continues by describing the new lifestyle. Most of the chapter feels like a sort of relief from the horrible journey through the ocean and it calms the reader. In the end of the chapter, the plot twist where the organism is actually carnivorous feels like a betrayal because Pi was given a happy, relaxing life, only to have it violently snatched from him yet again

  • An Analysis Of Rick Moody 's ' Boys '

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    across different cultures. Rick Moody 's short story "Boys" is written with a distinct style. The author uses a form of a stream of consciousness to convey the purpose at hand, which encompasses writing as if without hesitation or editing - whatever came to Moody’s thoughts, he transferred to text. There was also a substantial use of the word “boys”, placing emphasis on the central meaning of the story. The style is thoroughly descriptive and fails to leave any details of the boys ' lives out. This