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  • The Clock Building, Not Time Telling, By James C. Collins And Jerry I

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    This paper will explore the concept of “Clock Building, Not Time Telling,” as presented by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras in their book, Built To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies. The goal is to identify the underlying reason and rational behind architects of visionary companies and how they left their mark for generations to come through something larger than a single act or product. Through compelling facts and research about companies, a change in thought has occurred. For

  • Essay on Built To Last

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    companies are what Jim Collins and Jerry Porras call "visionary". Built to Last seeks to discover these timeless management principles that make a company truly "visionary" (Collins &

  • Strategy Formulation and Strategic Planning

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    for 30years in business and so far stood the test of time and remained an almost constant ideology. Jim Collins and Jerry Porras states in their book " build to last" that a core ideology is made up of two parts, firstly "Core values are a set of guiding principles by which the company navigates and secondly the "core purpose is an organisations most fundamental reason for being". I will reinforce these claims through day to day business examples later on that will show how the mission, vision and

  • Essay about Mission, Vision, and Values of Ben and Jerry's

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    By using Ben and Jerry's as am example, I aim to detail and show that by having the characteristic's that make up an effective mission, vision and values of a firm that can be developed for the long term and withstand the test of time. Developing and defining the mission, vision and values of

  • The Battle of the Discount Retailer Essay

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    to change and emerges along with its environment. Visionary companies are the survivalists of the industry.      Little can be said about visionary companies without citing the works of James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras. Collins and Porras dedicated six years to research in an attempt to define a visionary company. Their published work, Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies (199?), blanketed the world of business with a new perspective. According to Brewer’s

  • Book Review Built to Last

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    Book Summary: Built To Last Built To Last by James Collins & Jerry Porras What has enabled some corporations to last so long, while other competitors in the same markets either struggle to get by, or fade away after a short period of time? This is the major question that Mr's Collins and Porras try to answer. They took a look at 18 well known, well established and healthy companies ('visionaries'), and compared them to a counterpart in their specific area of business. They analyzed all the information

  • The State of Ethics and Professionalism in the Field of Entrepreneurship

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    “entrepreneur”, the importance of these two qualities in business, and the greatest ethical challenges and moral dilemmas that the two professionals I interviewed face in business. In addition, we will also look at how these individuals cultivate professionalism and excellence in their chosen field. Having looked at the preceding areas, we shall commence to illustrate what I believe constitutes a good professional. All in the while, there shall be an attempt to provide plentiful evidence from literature consulted

  • Strategy Formulation

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    STRATEGY FORMULATION Basic strategic planning is comprised of several components that build upon the previous piece of the plan, and operates much like a flow chart. However, prior to embarking on this process, it is important to consider the players involved. There must be a commitment from the highest office in the organizational hierarchy. Without buy-in from the head of a company, it is unlikely that other members will be supportive in the planning and eventual implementation process, thereby

  • Summary of Built to Last Frist Five Chapters

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    terms of admiration and impact on world around them. All visionary products as well as visionary charismatic leaders have to die, it is actually company that last long through multiple products and leaders. In six year of research Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras have identified historical development of visionary companies. Along with they have selected control set of comparison companies. The visionary companies are different from enduring or successful companies. These are of the best have been

  • A Stakeholder Approach to Strategic Management

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    Darden Graduate School of Business Administration University of Virginia Working Paper No. 01-02 A Stakeholder Approach to Strategic Management R. Edward Freeman John McVea This paper can be downloaded without charge from the Social Science Research Network Electronic Paper Collection at: A Stakeholder Approach to Strategic Management R. Edward Freeman And John McVea The Darden School University of Virginia Forthcoming in M. Hitt