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  • The Importance Of Tourism

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    I am pleased to be appointed as the head of the tourism department of Qingdao. The city welcomes visitors from anywhere. About why someone should visit.There are various reasons .1. Forget one person. 2. Expect a heart mate.3. Beautiful encounter.4. Relax and find yourself.5. Hearts on the road.6. Find an inspiration.7. Release stress in your work life.8.For parents or for children, to achieve one of their wishes.9.Without purpose, simply want to go out and walk around and have a look. Tourism

  • Qingdao Descriptive Essay

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    ID:160120044 Name:Wang Xing-yu The blue sea laps on the golden beach, white foam little silver shining in the sun, and sail distant seagull fly in the blue curtain draw a beautiful arc, with a hint of salty sea breeze blowing gently, as if the person into a fantasy world.This is my hometown - Qingdao. Qingdao is a mountain city, from a small fishing village at the beginning, development to today's modern city. Look! The dirt road once was narrow and broken now smooth and flat, shuttle vehicles

  • Descriptive Essay About Qingdao

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    Qingdao is a fascinating and nostalgic city. Roaming in this beautiful coastal city,you may be awed by the Continental chic of the old district and grandness of the suburb,and meanwhile easily befriend yourself with those historic buildings,tasty food as well as the hospitable local people. As a perfect combination of the sceneries of sea,hills and city,Qingdao has never been lacking in focus,whether be it the intoxicating view of houses and gardens setting against the background of deep blue sea

  • Descriptive Essay About Qingdao

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    121’00. The city faces the Yellow Sea on the east and south. Facing North Korea, South Korea and Japan across the sea. There are seven urban districts (Shinan, Shibei, Sifang, Licang, Laoshan, Chnegyang and Huangdao) and five county-level cities (Jiaozhou, Jimo, Pingdu, Jiaonan and Laixi) under the juris diction of Qingdao. The total area of Qingdao is 10,654 square kilometers which the urban area totals 1,102 square kilometers. The population of Qingdao totals 7,206,800 while the urban population

  • Consequences Of The Boxer Rebellion

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    First there were two major famines that occurred in the northern part of the Jiangsu province. Secondly, in 1897, members of the Big Sword society murdered two German missionaries, which resulted in an angry retaliation by the Germans, who seized Jiaozhou and burned down the villages in reprisal. This caused the Boxers to change their focus on bringing down the Manchu Dynasty to expelling the foreign powers from China. The Final cause, which ignited the war, was in fact due to a conspiracy. By this