John André

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  • Benedict Arnold Traitor Or Traitor

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    In the Revolutionary War, there were many different influencers that affected the course of the War. Both the American Colonies and the British had brave and noble heroes. Yet there was one man who became a traitor and disliked by both sides in his lifetime. Benedict Arnold was an egotistical, bold man who managed to find himself without anywhere to run do despise, or perhaps more because of, his actions and behavior during the Revolution. Benedict Arnold had always been devilish, even from a young

  • Essay On John Andre

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    Throughout history, there are moments that become pivotal points for major outcomes. The capturing and hanging of John Andre was one of these pivotal moments. A British Major who spied on the Americans and tried to close off the New England from the rest of the colonies, Andre was a man willing to do anything for his country. John Andre was born on May 2, 1750 in London. He was the son of Huguenots. He attended the University of Geneva in Switzerland where he studied mathematics and military drawing