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  • The Genre Of The Sub Genre

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    Each genre has their conventional way of displaying themselves in movie titles. The sub-genre not often talked about, inspirational teacher/drama has this exact same flow, it has various key elements that make up their story and become part of that sub-genre. “Given the importance of storytelling as an organizational knowledge transfer mechanism, there is a need to develop a comprehensive and well-grounded framework for analyzing organizational stories to identify their salient characteristics, types

  • The Case Of Elonis V. United States

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    Judiciary Assignment While, reading the case, Elonis v. United States, I was astonished to see that someone would post something so explicit, offensive, and inhumane. Basically, the case of Elonis v. United States is about a man named Anthony Elonis who is an upcoming rapper and used his stage name, Tone Dougie. His Facebook page consisted of him posting disturbing rap lyrics. Even though Elonis was going through a divorce with his former wife, which did not stop him from writing and posting crude

  • John Paul Stevens: US Supreme Court Justice

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    Justice Stevens John Paul Stevens served as associate justice of the Supreme Court from 1975 until his retirement in 2010. Throughout his judicial career, Stevens exercised a liberal view in the courtroom and often displayed judicial restraint to the United States Congress. Justice Stevens was appointed by President Ford in 1975 because of his judicial experience and personal confidence. While serving as Associate Justice, Stevens provided opinions on many subjects including the death penalty

  • Obergefell V Hodges Pros And Cons

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    In this article, political implications are given emphasis. To begin with, the same-sex marriages lead to a democratic disrespect. Chief Justice John Roberts emphasized the point as he opposed the idea in the Supreme Court (Powell, 2015). Concerning the precedent round of litigation Hawaii, Rosenberg and Klarman’s source emphasis has been a significant negative legislative response in Congress and

  • Masterpiece Cakesham Case

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    Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor would most likely stick with the argument that this is discrimination of gay Americans, most likely quoting Employment Division, Department of Human Resources of Oregon v. Smith during the proceedings. Chief Justice John G. Roberts would most likely maintain that Masterpiece Cakeshop was not in the wrong. The real decision on whether or not Mr. Phillips was right in refusing to produce a wedding cake for the couple would come down to Anthony M. Kennedy. As Kennedy often

  • Social Controversies In America

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    For example, the Constitution says that what is said in the Constitution is the law of the land, yet some politicians are trying to take the power and freedom of the 2nd Amendment away from American citizens. For example, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wants to change the 2nd Amendment to say that you only have the right to be armed when serving in the militia. Now, this was said after Stevens had stepped down, but he was just as vocal about his opinions on the court as he was off the

  • Obamacare Essay

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    National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius Life was different back in the 1880s. The telephone had just been invented, James Garfield was president, and doctors used heroin and cocaine as medicine. Alas, many doctors knew very little about medicine. Oftentimes unsafe and unsterile practices were used on patients. The NY Times reports that, “At least a dozen medical experts probed the President [Garfield]’s wound, often with unsterilized metal instruments or bare hands, as was

  • Clarence Thomas is just the second African American justice to serve on the Supreme Court. Until

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    Clarence Thomas is just the second African American justice to serve on the Supreme Court. Until the very recent confirmations of both Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito, for the past twenty-five plus years, Thomas had been the last conservative to be named to the current court, which is the complete opposite of his predecessor Justice Thurgood Marshall. Thomas’ confirmation hearings have gone down in history as those containing the most drama. His hearings would produce such intense arguments

  • Fred Phelps Is The Leader Of The Westboro Baptist Church

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    Name and Citation: Snyder v. Phelps, 562 U. S. ___ (2011) Facts: Fred Phelps is the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church which is considered to be extremist. Phelps and his followers believe that God punishes those who are tolerant of homosexuality. Since, the United States has a high tolerance of homosexuality, they believe that the United States is damned. The military also has recently become more accepting of homosexuals in their ranks, thus the Westboro Baptist Church pickets many military

  • United States, Missouri V. Mcneely, 569 U. S

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    Name and Citation of Case: United States, Missouri v. Mcneely, 569 U. S. (2013) Decision: The Supreme Court attests. The Court noticed that its point of reference requests a case-by-case examination when lower courts figure out if urgent conditions advocated a warrantless pursuit. However, the State contended that exigency essentially exists in any DWI related blood test given that blood-alcohol content quickly decreases with time, the Court found no argumentation to embrace a per se rule. The