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  • The Dead of the Night - John Marsden

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    “The best novels stand the test of time, providing the reader with an interesting story as well as conveying important themes and ideas” In John Marsden’s sequel to “Tomorrow When the War Began”, set in rural modern day Australia, comes his second novel of seven “The Dead of the Night”. John Marsden’s “TDOTN” has stood the test of time, by providing the readers with an interesting story as well as conveying important themes and ideas. The themes and ideas of “Death and Destruction”, “Relationships

  • Essay Perceptions on Belonging

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    This quote from the New York Times shows the perception of belonging as the idea about connecting to a place, person, group or a community. 'Feliks Skrzynecki' by Peter Skrzynecki, 'I'm nobody! Who are you?' by Emily Dickinson and 'The Rabbits' by John Marsden & Shaun Tan show the concept of belonging as being contrasted towards the New York Times quote, showing the alienation and non-existent connection towards it. These texts have furthered my understanding on the perceptions of belonging by recognising

  • An Analysis Of Side By-Side By John Marsden

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    In this teen novel, the author, John Marsden, has chosen to place contradictory themes within the story side-by-side in order to contrast and display aspects of the story such as character and plot development. Juxtaposition can be defined as a literary technique in which two or more ideas, settings or characters are placed comparatively for the purpose of developing contrasts and differences. This technique is used in a variety of stories even without the intention of a particular idea being juxtaposed

  • The Rabbits-Deconstruction of Visual Essay

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    John Marsden’s and Shaun Tan’s epic picture book, “The Rabbits”, is an allegorical fable about colonisation, told from the perspective of the natives. An unseen narrator describes the coming of ‘rabbits’ in the most minimal detail, an encounter that is at first friendly and curious, but later darkens as it becomes apparent that the visitors are actually invaders. My chosen image (above), embodies the overall style of the book which is deliberately sparse and strange. Both text and image conveys an

  • Tomorrow When the War Began- John Marsden Essay

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    Tomorrow when the war began- John Marsden Novel essay. “Tomorrow When The War Began” by John Marsden, is a novel of survival, friendship, love and war. He uses many language techniques (e.g. simile, metaphor, personification, oxymoron, irony, symbol, allusion etc.) to get across to the reader the importance of each of the themes discussed. He also uses these techniques to set the mood in each chapter and to help emphasise each major point in the novel. “We’ve learnt a lot and had to figure

  • Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden, Personal Response

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    Tomorrow When The War Began by John Marsden. Tomorrow when the war began by John Marsden is an exceptional novel filled with action, suspense and tension. The author tells the story of seven stereotypical examples of teenagers heading up into the hills to camp for a while when they suddenly find themselves drawn into the extreme stress of a war as they are left to fend for themselves. It is an inspiring tale of how they all responded to the war in different ways, took risks and grew from ordinary

  • Act 1 : Scene Of The Inner City Area Of Detroit Essay

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    Scene 1 In the inner city area of Detroit, a freshman class sits in a English classroom waiting to hear their assignment for the day. JOHN. (walks in with TIM). Hey so are we still on to shoot basketball today after school? TIM. Sure, but I need to get all of my homework finished first. JOHN. Are you serious? You actually do your homework? TIM. Of course! JOHN. Why? TIM. Well, I am going to attend college one day. TEACHER. (interrupts the small talk) Okay students, get out your notebooks. Today

  • A Stranger Essay : Kindness To A Stranger

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    The another one passed by, followed by other two. When Edward saw that the old man was not using any effort to seek help from either of the riders, he was tired and decided to leave the old man alone. After a while, the last horseman by the name John Denis neared the spot where the old man had sat like a snow statue. As this one came near, the old man caught the horseman’s eye and said, “Sir, would you mind giving a helpless old man a

  • John Tyree : A Black Man Who Serves As A Soldier

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    John Tyree is a young man who serves as a sergeant in the U.S. Army. John is from Wilmington, North Carolina, which is a popular tourist town with the largest port in the state. He is tall and muscular with short brown hair, tattoos, and brown eyes. John speaks with the politeness of a true southern gentleman. His speech can be described as reserved, though he does speak from the heart when he feels it is necessary. John is a Christian, but also believes in fate and luck. He was baptized as a child

  • Essay Princess Diana

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    96). Now the charities with which she was still associated - Centrepoint, The English National Ballet, Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, The Leprosy Mission, The National Aids Trust and The Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Trust, are facing up to a future without a patron whose backing was impossible to evaluate. A spokeswoman for Great Ormond Street Hospital, with which the princess had been involved since 1987, said: "Her support was invaluable and