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  • Farewell, My Darling Lua

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    -Lua-  Prologue --- Lua, my dear Lua. I wish I could be here with you now, but you will never see me again. Do you remember the bad-men I told you about? Once you have read this letter, they will have killed me. Please cherish this letter but, sadly, you will not remember me. Take this tablet, and keep it safe. Make sure no one ever finds it. I love you, my darling son. Farewell. I will be watching over you, always. - Mother   LUA Chapter One LUA. MOTHER HAD given that name to him. When all others

  • My Best Friend

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    I knew something was wrong the summer my best friend walked through me. Katie was like any other normal eight year old. She loved princesses, castles, and had an imagination like I had never experienced. Katie and I had been friends since she was two years old and had always been inseparable. Everywhere Katie went, I went. Our friendship was one of perfection, filled with elegant tea parties, heroic missions, and sleepy bedtime ballads. Katie was my everything and I was hers, at least until that

  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    One day this little girl was at school and school ended in about 10 minutes so she just sat there and drawn for 10 minutes. So after the bell rang she ran outside for her parents but her parents weren't there and neither was her best friend's parents were there either. So the little girl and her friend just sat there and talked for about 15 minutes for their parents to come. So while they were talking her friend brought up the little girl going to her house when her parents got there. So there parents

  • Descriptive Essay About The Fair

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    “What should we get on first when we get there?” asked Becky. “I don’t know. How about we get on the ferris wheel first, it looks super fun.” said Lisa as they were riding in her mom’s car on the way to the fair. They were so excited to finally be able to go to the fair since last year they had to shut it down early. “I wonder why they shut it down last year because it wasn’t on the news. Everyone said that it was because someone died.” “Yes, that’s exactly the reason it shut down, how did you not

  • Lizzy Biography

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    Lizzy When I was 12 I dreamed of becoming the world's best doctor, me Dr. Warren Price, the one man who could save all of humanity from their own minds. Such things have been accomplished before, not by me, of course but by Dr. Henry Cotton. He has always been one of my biggest inspirations ever since I learned what a doctor was. I want to be just like him, do everything that he did but better. Let me backtrack a little to let everything soak in. Back in 2010 I became the main doctor at a small hospital

  • Analysis Of The Story ' The Little Girl '

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    Cynthia was born on October 28, 1998: she has one older brother, afterwards a younger brother, and then a sister came along. One may say the little girl was lucky to be born to two parents who loved her very much to the point she was spoiled with endless gifts. The little girl was a gift from the heavens, her parents thought since she inherited their traits and did not have the typical Mexican, India looks. She had smooth porcelain white skin with pink blush on her cheeks, she had the most beautiful

  • We All Fall Down And The Permission Of Marina Mcduff

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    We all fall down (Inspired by true events. Used with the permission of Marina Mcduff.) When Sarah’s aunt told me this story I thought she was being silly. A long time ago Jane had a new baby, a new house, and no husband. She was lucky when her sister Eloise offered to come stay with her and help out, until her husband returned from working in Alberta. The sisters had almost finished unpacking, but Eloise found one small box, labeled “for the baby,” that sat alone in the dark hallway. “Jane, what’s

  • A Family Of Five Were The First Group Shot

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    A family of five were in the first group shot. A gray-haired elderly woman cradled a baby. The child couldn’t have been more than three months old. She was singing and tickling the little one to keep her from crying. The baby cooed with delight. Everyone was standing around with tears in their eyes. A father holding the hand of his six-year-old spoke softly to him. The boy wept from fear. His father stroked the boy’s head and pointed to the skies. It was as though he was explaining something to him

  • A Short Story : The Story Of The Story?

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    Early in the morning, a little boy was playing in the sand. In the market, a little girl was running around, slipping through people and pick pocketing them. They were both around the age of 9. The girl was wearing a dirty white dress that went down to her ankles with no shoes on; her hair was long and was a golden color like the sun. She sneaked out before anyone realized they were being robbed and ran towards the beach. He did not see the girl who was coming up behind with a wooden sword in her

  • My Dream Story

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    I woke again from the same dream that I have been having for weeks or months I don’t remember anymore.The dream was about two older people coming towards a young girl and taking her from her bed while she was sleeping, they just took her, as they were taking her off the property she woke up and started kicking and screaming. Then she says a bad man killed her. Than she would say both of them were sick, very sick. It has been happening ever since we moved near Lidtke Mill. I went out to go get the