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  • The Joker : The Complexity Of The Joker

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    really like The Joker in the world of comic book villains. and it is nearly impossible to find another character who is on the same level of insanity. The Joker is a fictional supervillain created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson who first appeared in the debut issue of the comic book Batman (April 25, 1940), published by DC Comics.This character represents a theory about existence that part of me believes that all people wish we could embrace, in our own way. The joker is someone who

  • Psychoanalysis of the Joker

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    Knight is a 2008 film based on the Dc Comics character Batman and his struggle and journey in combating the most demented villain ever, The Joker. The Joker is a psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy. Due to The Joker’s insane nature, it is appropriate to use Dr. Sigmund Freud’s method of Psychoanalysis to better understand why The Joker is the way he is. What is psychoanalysis? Psychoanalysis is a form of treatment invented by Sigmund Freud that usually focuses on the

  • The Joker Is A Pop Icon

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    known as The Joker. Being one of the few villains that are just as popular as their hero, The Joker is a pop culture icon. There’s a dark past and a mysterious history behind one of DC comics most beloved villains. There have been countless stories told and a few actors that have portrayed Batman’s nemesis, but the dark cloud of The Joker’s past remains obscure and incredibly intriguing. This leaves countless loyal fans wondering who’s behind that killer smile. The inspiration for the Joker came from

  • The Joker : The Nemesis Of Batman

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    nemesis of Batman, the Joker. He made his first debut in the original Batman comics in the spring of 1940. He gets his familiar name from the iconic playing card depicting a grinning clown with the stereotypical red nose and puffy wig. The Joker was originally created as a filler for the first Batman #1 (1940) comic, but he is now hailed as one of the greatest comic book villains ever created. From when he was created to Christopher Nolan’s Batman cinematic trilogy, the Joker has been represented in

  • The Joker : The Batman Vs. Batman

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    started to consider heroes and villains, like Batman and The Joker. Their perspective might be that The Joker is more courageous than Batman. I realized that all this had to do with people’s perspectives. Let’s look at the example above. I find Batman to have more courage than The Joker. Due to the danger that he puts himself in to protect people and to stop The Joker. On the other hand some people might support the fact that The Joker is more courageous, because he keeps trying even though he doesn’t

  • The Joker 's Ultimate Villain

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    of villains in the world of films but the ultimate villain has to be the Joker in The Dark Knight. Batman and The Joker 's character traits isn 't what makes them so vastly different, it is their perspectives and the way they use that cleverness both of them possess. The Joker’s madness is not limited to gun power because the Joker’s most effective weapon is his evil mastermind. When one first catches a glimpse of the Joker, fright will surely ensue. The Joker’s clown like appearance taps into many

  • Compare And Contrast The Joker And The Batman

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    The Joker in the Modern World Is he the perfect foil to Batman? Dalingcebo Maseko The Joker has become a modern myth that exposes our innermost brittleness as a society, which, in some profound way, has come as a form of philosophical and political catharsis allowing us to reconsider the systems we hold dear. The Joker is a symbol of a new form of thinking. His methods, though subversive and excessive, are not irrational but rather well considered - he has a better understanding of the sane man than

  • Similarities Between Batman And The Joker

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    In today’s time and age, I don’t think we will come across anyone, who is oblivious of the legendary pair of a hero and a villain; batman and the joker. Those who haven’t read the comics, must have watched at least a few of the movies that are based on these characters. Batman is seen as the hero. The joker is seen as a villain. There are a lot of variations in the stories involving these two as it has been incarnated a lot times, but their characters remain the same. The relationship between these

  • Compare And Contrast The Batman And The Joker

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    villains from films, It Follows and Batman the Dark Knight. We see how both It and The Joker are the similar yet so different very different. The villain It comes from a film classified as horror, and The Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight: Rises is in cinema classified as an action film. A good case in point on how both villains are the same is they both have unknown origins. Where do the roots of IT and The Joker begin? Who are they? From where do they come? When did the become a villain? Why did

  • Batman And The Joker : Vigilante Justice

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    Batman and the Joker: vigilante justice The Dark Knight is one of the most realistic superhero movie ever made. The main theme of the movie is good versus evil. This theme is highlighted through the acts of Batman and the Joker. With the help of the district attorney and Jim Gordon, Batman aims to put an end to the remaining criminal organizations that plague the city of Gotham. Definition of superhero. Gotham is relatively peaceful until a criminal known as the Joker puts Gotham in a state of a