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  • The Silly Jokes For Kids

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    FIFTY SILLY JOKES FOR KIDS. Jokes are simply stories, phrases or sentences that are purely meant to amuse and make people jovial. Laughter has never failed to light up someone’s face and if you ask me, people look more beautiful and attractive when they are happy. At least I know I do. What better way is there to charm someone if not by making them laugh? One of the major reasons why kids are usually drawn to people is because of their abilities to make them happy and keep them laughing all the way

  • How to Kill a Joke Essay

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    There’s a joke I love, but finding the right audience for it is almost impossible. When I first heard it, I laughed heartily while glaring at the teller. Sure, it was funny to me, but the teller defied social convention in saying it. Ever since hearing this joke, I’ve only managed a successful retelling once or twice, but each time was well worth the effort. The joke is this: Three pregnant women are in a doctor’s waiting room, knitting. The first mother checks her watch and takes a pill from her

  • The Movie ' The Killing Joke '

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    their favorite Batman story of all-time, The Killing Joke would undoubtedly receive a multitude of votes. For several reasons, Alan Moore’s legendary story has withstood the test of time, most notably because it changed the very foundation of the Batman universe – as it humanized The Joker by giving him an origin story and shocked readers when events crippled Barbara Gordon. Thus, it comes as no surprise that a popular story like The Killing Joke is finally receiving the animated treatment – you know

  • Essay on A Rhetorical Analysis of the Killing Joke

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    Bad Day: A Rhetorical Analysis of The Killing Joke The Joker was once seen as a comical criminal who committed ridiculously silly crimes, such as spreading laughing gas throughout Gotham City. However, after the reinvention of Batman, The Joker was transformed into a grave and terrorizing character. Continuing the course of the new personality given to The Joker, writer Alan Moore and artist Brian Bolland created a graphic novel called The Killing Joke, “a much more complex, darker, and ultimately

  • Feminism : The Killing Joke By Alan Moore & Brian Bolland And Batm A Serious House On Serious

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    The way our society views what it means to be a “man” is shaped by family, community, and popular culture. While the narrow definition of acceptable masculinity has expanded in the last three decades, there is still a great amount of anxiety and pressure over being the right kind of “man.” Like many of my generation, gender performance and masculinity were formed by reading and watching superhero narratives as a youth. What were the deeper messages in those stories that engrossed our weekends and

  • Bullying Is Not A Joke

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    Bullying is not a joke. It should not be taken lightly. I had the pleasure of watching a documentary titled “Bully” by Hirsch, a famous well known director. The goal of the film is to expose the horrendous effects bullying has on young individuals and their families. The film successfully achieved its mission by conducting interviews of bully victims and their families. The first victim the film introduces us to is a boy named Alex. His peers bullied him because he looked different from others. The

  • The Cartoon ' The Killing Joke '

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    naked, and torture him physically as well as mentally by showing him the pictures of his daughter slowly dying while being rapped. You might be asking what horror movie this is from? It is actually from a wildly popular comic book called “The Killing Joke”. Although appearing to be childish, comic books show many adult themes such as violence, gore, and pornography, thereby making them unsuitable for children. Violence is a common theme seen in many different types of entertainment. We see it all the

  • The Theory Of Laughter And Humor

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    paragraphs of Hobbes’ passage, he discusses how people degrade those they dislike. He then explains how humans desire to rise above others so they feel superior, making his theory known as the superiority theory. Hobbes believes that by human nature, witty jokes does not always produce laughter; laughter can be evoked by misfortunes or obscenities. The essence of superiority then becomes apparent. Hobbes reveals laughter as hierarchical. Laughter is aroused when others have different intellectual or social

  • Speech For A Farewell Speech

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    Good evening everyone. My name is Quinn Stewart, and it is my honor to be speaking here as your President for the Scarborough High School Class of 2017. Before I move on with my speech, there are a few people that I would like to acknowledge. First, the staff members who poured their constant hours, dedication, and passion into making sure that we all ended up here today. Your persistence in our education made sure that whether on the couch or the classroom, that we all became better people over

  • Gabriel Iglesias also known as Fluffy was born on July 15, 1976. He was born and raised in San

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    and he made the voices of his and her friends, (Martin and the hookers.) Another Standup act he did he mentioned he did not like his girlfriend’s friends. He stated they were hookers. A lot of the jokes he used was about his weight, girlfriend and son, and personal experiences. One of the jokes he talks about is there used to be five categories of “Fatness.” He had explained there are now six categories. There is big, healthy, husky, fluffy, damn, and oh, hell no. I asked my husband what