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  • Descriptive Essay About A Boat

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    I almost stepped foot into what I thought to be my watery grave, but I hesitated as my foot broke the surface of the water. I thought back to the boat ride out here and my feelings of uneasiness as we rode the waves. The small boat contained six rows of benches for the tourists to sit at the front of the boat. Directly behind the last row, a captain’s station sat with the controls to steer the boat. Behind the control room, or the back of the boat, sat one long bench. A metal railing encircled the

  • A Biological Allegory By Sherwood Anderson

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    his mother’s death, Sherwood Anderson writes, “I have seen my own mother stand all day over a washtub, washing the dirty linen of the pretentious middle-class women not fit to tie her shoelaces, this just to get her sons enough food to keep them alive, and I presume I shall never in my life see a working woman without identifying her with my mother (Letters)” (Colquitt 19). Sherwood Anderson was born in 1876, but wrote this short story in the 1930s (“Sherwood Anderson” Dictionary 1). He grew up in

  • Postag197v1 Kingdom Is A Coming Of Age Indie Art Film By Director Wes Anderson

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    Moonrise Kingdom is a coming of age indie art film by director Wes Anderson. The tale begins with the setting and climax of the film laid out by narrator Bob Balaban. The setting being a fictional, secluded, New England island only accessible by ferry. The climax, an impending storm that will strike in only three days. We are then introduced to the two leading lovebirds. A pair of twelve years olds, Sam and Suzy played by Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward. Despite the rushed nature of their relationship

  • Personal Statement : The Discipline Of Teams By Jon R. Anderson And Douglas K. Smith 's The

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    analyzing and reviewing material from the assigned readings and lecture notes. While at first this task seemed daunting, I believe my teammates and I rose to the occasion by correctly implementing material and working cooperatively as a team as outlined in Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith’s “The Discipline of Teams.” One strength of our lesson plan was the amount of material we provided. We wanted to have back up plans, so no time was wasted during the recitation. Our TA, Claire, even

  • Media Journal A Critical Analysis of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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    The Daily Show pronounces itself as a fake news program, and it pulls its comedy and satire from current news reports, politicians, media companies, and often, features of the show itself. The show usually begins with an extended monologue from host, Jon Stewart, communicating new headlines and regularly includes discussions with several correspondents, who assume ridiculous or amusingly overstated takes on recent events against Stewart's straightforward character. The concluding segment contains a

  • Science Fiction : The Twilight Zone

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    Science fiction has had many notable cult television shows. Two of the most influential and popular shows were the timely Twilight Zone (1959-1964) and the cult favorite The X-Files (1994-2002). Both have been staples in popular culture by reflecting on social structure and politics through the use of science fiction. (Booker). By comparing the two shows, I will showcase how science fiction became the most influential genre in television history. Science fiction was a genre not very popularized

  • Parable Of Despair By Octavia Butler

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    Thomas Sweeny-Wong Period 5 Parable of Despair The world is dying. There is too much injustice. We need to fix it. --Thomas Sweeny-Wong The future is tough to predict. Parable of the Sower is a very well-written science fiction novel by Octavia Butler. The setting is California in the year 2025. The world is not prosperous anymore and has turned into a poverty stricken place. There are countless homeless people, jobs are scarce, and there are very few communities of homes. The few

  • New Road Bikes On Friday Morning

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    Doris and I ride our new road bikes on Friday morning. For ten minutes we warm up, and then, pedal in the direction to Malibu. The air is cool with early morning fog. Doris leads and I follow. Her pace is faster than usual. No problem. I ride my bike to ride my bike. I have a low-keyed Friday. I’ve scheduled a pitch meeting at eleven with a new writer. The agent I met recently said his client “Thinks out of the box.” I would rather that and am keen to meet him. There’s an hour before, so I

  • Informative Speech Summary

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    In January 2016, Dr. Peter Weinstock who is an Intensive Care Unit physician and Director of the Pediatric Simulator Program at the Boston Children's Hospital / Harvard Medical School delivered a speech at the TED conference. The topic of his speech was “Lifelike simulations that make real-life surgery safer”, in which he presented how important in difficult surgeries can be the use of current computer special effects and 3D prints. In his speech, he in an amazing way underlines how important it

  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Personal Experience In My Life

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    I never chose to live in Newark, New Jersey. After I was born, my dad left us, and my mom fell off the wagon we just kinda ended up here. I swear my mom has vodka coursing through her veins instead of blood. With a mom who can’t keep her lips off a bottle, and a dad that has been gone for over sixteen years, life has been pretty lonely. I don't have many friends. Honestly, i only have one friend. She is named after the great Lawrence Taylor. Lets just say her dad was hoping for a boy. Everyone just