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  • The Jonestown Massacre

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    The Jonestown Massacre On November 18, 1978, in the South American country, Guyana, 918 people died from drinking cyanide poisoning. The Jonestown Massacre, led by Jim Jones, convinced men, women, and children of all ages to commit suicide or be killed in days to come by the U.S. government. This event would become known as the most deadly, non-natural disaster in U.S. history, before September 11, 2001. James Warren Jones, better known as Jim Jones, was born on May 13, 1978 in Lynn, Indiana. His

  • Jonestown Massacre

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    move to Jonestown a place that he created for the people that Jim Jones authorized. Jonestown is located on a little island in Guyana. Jim Jones decided to move his socialist group over there so they can be isolated from the authorities. For the reason that he was committing fraud with money. Jim Jones was saying that People's Temple was a Christian group instead of a socialist group, so

  • Jonesown Massacre And The Jonestown Massacre

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    THE JONESTOWN CULT Mass suicides are infrequent yet notable events that have occurred throughout the course of human history. The forty-nine Japanese Ronan, or Russian villagers burning themselves during the Russian Church’s Great Schism, are terrible reminders of the lengths humans will go to in order to remain faithful to a deeply held ideology (Coleman 46). Notably, in both of these examples and in the case of the Jonestown massacre, the suicides occurred within the context of a culture, sub-culture

  • The Jonestown Suicides : Jim Jones And The Jonestown Massacre

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    The events that occurred on November 18, 1978 has rocked the psychological world on how Jim Jones was able to manage what is now known as the "Jonestown Suicides" or the "Jonestown Massacre". It all started from when Jim Jones created what was known as the Peoples Temple in the middle of Indianapolis in 1955 leading only just 20 followers at the time. After a year had past, the people’s temple started to make a name for itself by serving for the disadvantage and opening an orphanage. This started

  • The Jonestown Massacre Analysis

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    The Jonestown Massacre is one of the most horrific massacres of 1978 leading close to 1,000 deaths. I found this story to be very disturbing and at times I found myself thinking how can one person have so much power over so many minds. This massacre leads many people being manipulated by a psychopath by the name of Reverend Jim Jones who would set the stage of a mass suicide. Many questions were needing to be answered after this tragic event in history, what methods were used to get so many people

  • Causes And Effects Of The Jonestown Massacre

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    The Jonestown Massacre was one of America’s greatest tragedies in history. Due to extreme Racism and persecution innocent people were driven to create a socialistic society only to realize there is no such thing. There are many causes and effects to the event of Jonestown massacre. Some examples of those causes and effects are the background, events, responses, and efforts. Jim Jones and the people of Peoples temple did not set out to be one of america's worst massacres, they just want equality and

  • The Jonestown Massacre: Jim Jones

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    something that others have told you to do or did yourself. This saying comes from the cult society led by Reverend Jim Jones, named Jonestown. Jonestown was a small community in the jungle of Guyana, South America. After getting word of people coming to investigate the society, Jones had committed a mass suicide by poisoning Kool-Aid and giving it to the people of Jonestown. A cult society is an organization that basically disguises itself as a religion. In a cult, they normally perform rituals. There

  • Jonestown Massacre : The Mass Suicide

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    Jonestown Massacre: The Mass Suicide On November 18, 1978, is what soon come to be acknowledged as the “Jonestown Massacre” in modern history of the late 1900s. Where a cult leader names Jim Jones brought his followers to Guyana, South America to commit a mass suicide of 900+ people. He accomplished this by having every one drink a laced Kool-Aid. A few other things that will be discussed about with be how the Peoples Temple (the cult name) grew and got this many members. Also on what was in the

  • The Massacre's Effects Of The Jonestown Massacre

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    shutting them down almost before they could even begin (Byrne, 2017). O’Shea told Rothenberg Gritz (2011) that Jonestown should be a “cautionary tale” for the world instead of the “American curiosity” that many people make it out to be. Conclusion Jim Jones was a

  • Jim Jones And The Jonestown Massacre

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    known as Jonestown. It is believed that Jim Jones chose the secluded location of Guyana for the purpose of containing the citizens so they could not flee their new formed society. Jones was for many of the members of Jonestown a father figure as most of the children on the settlement called Jones father. The message behind Jones’ society was acceptance, equality, and a sense of belonging in the world. The mass suicide that occurred on November 18th, 1978 will later be known as The Jonestown Massacre