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  • Costa Rica Essay

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    north of Panama and possessing two seacoasts (Pacific-west, Caribbean east). The capital and largest city, San Jose, is located in the central mountain valley. Costa Rica is notable among many Latin American countries for its long-standing democratic form of government. Costa Rica is well known for their hydroelectric plants and agricultural goods. I.     Government: 1)     Capital: San Jose 2)     Country: Costa Rica 3)     There are presidential elections every 4 years. 4)     Costa Rica has

  • Civil War Research

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    In my research I hope to explore the range of resources that will allow me to answer my questions. Some of the sources needed would include: oral histories and personal narratives from key participates like Jose Figueres (Don Peep), Henrietta Boggs, Manuel Mora, Caldron and more. I believe the oral histories will allow me to interpret the ideologies each person shared before and during the Civil War. Other documents that I believe will have a vital influence on my history are documents from the United

  • The World Is Becoming A Dangerous Place

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    of toxic chemicals being produced by factories. Christiana Figueres has dedicated her life to reducing the production of greenhouse gases. Climate change is happening everyday in front of our eyes, but you can not see it or realize it. Christiana Figueres, the women faced with saving the world from climate change, has made the greatest impact on climate change issues since the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. When Christiana Figueres was a little girl growing up in Costa Rica, she fell in love

  • History And Culture Of The Hispanic World Essay

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    COSTA RICA History and Culture of the Hispanic World   I. La Conquista a. Initial Years of the Conquista in Costa Rica Like many of countries in Central America, the arrival of Christopher Columbus in Puerto Limon was met with troubles. However, the Ticos (as they are known) welcomed them with open arms and exchanged gifts with Europeans who passed through the area. Europeans were always given gold, coining the name “the rich cost.” Many natives fled areas penetrated by European settlements due

  • Costa Rica And Realism : Is There A Major Flaw Within Realism?

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    Costa Rica & Realism Is There a Major Flaw Within Realism? According to realism, we live in a world of anarchy oftentimes shaped by conflict, driven by self-protection, and characterized by a decisive lack of trust; and yet, counter intuitively there are several countries, some in high conflict areas, which do not have armed forces. How and why do these countries succeed and does this create a flaw within the schema of realism? Some countries such as Costa Rica, Haiti, and Granada underwent demilitarization;

  • A Brief History of Costa Rica

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    Figueres became head of the Founding Junta of the Second Republic of Costa Rica. He consolidated the reforms introduced by Calder¢¢n and introduced many of his own: He banned the Communist Party, gave women the vote and granted full citizenship to blacks

  • The Politics Of Latin America

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    Latin America is a continent that is constantly struggling between governmental abuse and oppression of its citizens. In Latin America, it is very common for non –democratic systems to be enforced. During recent years, the continent has experienced a governmental shift from an absolute to a more democratic system. This era is called the democratic third wave, which brought about democratic like tendencies to Latin America. Many factors such as corruption, poverty, and inequality pushed the people