Jose Rizal Essay

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  • Qualities Of Jose Rizal

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    possessed by a hero? A person’s perception of what a hero is varies from one another but there are certain characteristics that every hero has such as courage, altruistic , charismatic, visionary and a strong will to name a few. As we all know, Dr. Jose P. Rizal is the Philippine national hero and he certainly have all the above mentioned characteristics. The most important question is: how did he acquire these heroic traits? Was he really born and destined to be a hero? The answer is no. He was born an

  • Jose Rizal Reaction Paper

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    Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, made a big step to change in the history of the Philippines forever. Though he doesn’t really wanted the Philippines to be free at all from spaniards but to be a province of Spain and be represented in the Spanish law-making body called cortes. Dr. Rizal kept on fighting with his reform to prevent more bloodshed but failed. He will be executed at bagumbayan but the day before his execution, there is a report that he retracted to masonry to be

  • Reflection Of Jose Rizal Play

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    the life of Rizal. Since we all have a background of the life of Rizal, I thought that the play was predictable but I was really amazed with the play because you can really see the hard work of each character, the efforts they’ve put.

  • Retraction Controversy Of Rizal

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    insist that Rizal did retract while some says that he did not. There are different evidences that appeared to defend each side. There were four well-known reasons behind Rizal’s retraction. First, He wanted to marry Josephine Bracken and to make her his wife legally. Second, He wanted to protect his family. Third, He wanted to reforms from the Spanish Government. Lastly, He wanted to heal the sickness of the Catholic Church. All theories came from the retraction paper that was written by Rizal. In the

  • Example Of Demythologizing Rizal

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    Demythologizing Rizal Whether you are discussing your neighbor, your foe, a government official or somebody who lived 200 years prior, sex never neglects to catch individuals' attention and imagination. In spite of a few affirmations about Adolf Hitler’s personal life, people still insist about the gossip that he was an illegitimate son of Klara Polzl and Jose Rizal when Rizal visited Linz in 1887. Individuals attempted to elaborate on the sexual experiences of previous presidents or our heroes.

  • The Mega Star Generation

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    The Mega Star Generation By: Desert, Apocalypse “A man may die but his ideas and thoughts forever live and remain indelible imprints of time”. Who si Rizal? Every Filipino who at least have been to school, or is celebrating the commemoration of his death and someone received a formal education could answer this for sure with “Our national hero”. But beyond being a hero, do we really know this guy or what is his statue’s worth in Luneta? Was he really that god-like during his entire life, that some

  • Events of the Philippine Island

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    1. Read Chapter 8 of Antonio de Morga's "Events of the Philippines Islands" with the Rizal annotation. Then take one section of Chapter 8 which talks about precolonial cultures and IN YOUR OWN WORDS, discuss its significance and use to our present-day ideas of culture, history, and identify. Jose Rizal’s annotation of Antonio Morga's "Historical Events of the Philippine’s Islands". “Rizal had a burning desire to know exactly the conditions of the Philippines when the Spaniards came ashore to the

  • Essay On The Spanish Armada

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    demand for the recognition of its capability to lead the nation. This was manifested through the writing of Rizal, who studied in Spain and other European countries and integrate these learnings to his writings. These works which contained the abuse and maltreatment of the Spanish served as the eye-opener for his countrymen. Another Filipino who was greatly influence, not only by the works of Rizal but also the different movements which occurred in Europe was Bonifacio. Influenced by the French Revolution

  • Independence Day Speech

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    “Filipinos are worth dying for.” this is the famous line of the late senator Noynoy Aquino. Maybe our fellow Filipino who fought for the freedom of the Filipinos from the invaders of our country will also agree with what Noynoy Aquino has said. An Independence Day is an annual celebration commemorating the anniversary of a nation’s assumption of independent statehood, usually after ceasing to be a colony or part of another state, more rarely after the end of a military occupation. Most countries

  • Pros And Cons Of Rizal

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    Bayot, Jezza, B. SS14- A1 Retraction Controversy On Dr. Jose Rizal’s day of execution, many supposition circulated about him revoking his words and his actions. This issue became a long term debate from then on until now. Some people profess that Jose Rizal retracted while others assert that he did not. This controversy cannot be ignored especially that we are talking about a man who has been recognized as the national hero of the country. One of the definitions of a hero and also my definition