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  • The Road by Cormac McCarthy and Blindness by Jose Saramago Essay

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    In all cultures, there are people struggling for survival. Some are starving, some are living in sheer poverty, some are thrown into slavery and some just cannot get their footing; but in all of these situations there seems to be a common theme that presents itself over and over again. Many of these people become so desperate to live they will give up their morals and give in to whatever they can to get by. Occasionally, there is one person stronger than the rest, one able to hold onto their morals

  • Blindness By Jose Saramago 's Blindness

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    Extensionalism that is Presented in Blindness by José Saramago A person is not just characterized by those particular circumstances that they find themselves in, but by how they respond to those moments. The phenomenal novel, Blindness, written by Jose Saramago, showcases the storyline of a country that encounters a widespread disease that leads to several people catching a type of blindness where they can only see white. The unfortunate people who have received the terribly contagious disease spreading

  • Blindness By Jose Saramago

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    The novel Blindness by Jose Saramago uses an epidemic of blindness as the means to illustrate the fault in humanity. Blindness in this sense can hold countless differing meaning and values thus making it a prime literate and metaphoric choice to portray his message rather than any other epidemic. The definition of blindness are 1 Sightless; having less than 1/10 of normal vision in the more efficient eye when refractive defects are fully corrected by lenses; 2 Unable or unwilling to discern or judge

  • Jose Saramago Blindness

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    In Blindness, by José Saramago, victims of an epidemic of sudden blindness are quarantined together in an abandoned mental hospital. In this hospital, the blindness reveals the actions that people take when nobody is watching them because the internees are only aware of their own actions since they are unable to monitor and judge what others do. Also, as more blind internees join the hospital, the internees and the hospital become increasingly dirty. The filth of the hospital along with the poor

  • Relationship Development In Blindness

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    Relationship Developments in Jose Saramago’s Blindness Being isolated from the rest of the world can potentially have psychological effects on the way one would look at the world or themselves. The characters in the novel Blindness are quarantined because of the epidemic. Therefore their minds begin to deteriorate thus creating a downfall in humanization. Even though the characters face challenges, they overcome them by building relationships with one another. The relationships between the characters

  • Essay on Jose Saramago's Blindness

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    When defining the word blindness, it can be interpreted in various ways. Either it can be explained as sightless, or it can be carefully deciphered as having a more complex in-depth analysis. In the novel Blindness, Jose Saramago depicts and demonstrates how in an instant your right to see can be taken in an instant. However, in this novel, blindness is metaphorically related to ‘seeing’ the truth beyond our own bias opinions. Saramago’s novel clearly illustrates themes that describe the importance

  • Carvers Cathedral Essay

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    Carvers Cathedral Plato’s “Myth of the Cave” and Carver’s Cathedral provide insight into parallel words. The protagonists in each story are trapped in a world of ignorance because each is comfortable in the dark, and fearful of what knowledge a light might bring. They are reluctant to venture into unfamiliar territory. Fortunately the narrator in the Cathedral is forced by circumstances to take a risk. This risk leads him into new world of insight and understanding. The narrator in “The Cathedral”

  • Plato's Allegory Of The Cave-Incarcerated In Social Media

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    Incarcerated in Social Media Thesis: “To the casual observer, social media appears to accurate source of information about certain event across the world , but a closer examination, through the overall framework and specific symbolism in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave,” demonstrates this understanding is limited , like

  • The Allegory of the Cave

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    Plato was a student of the great philosopher of Socrates and went on to become a very influential figure in classical Greek philosophy. Plato went on to write the Republic where he sets out to answer many question such as; what is justice, why does man follow the law, and how do implications of society affect our behavior. The most interesting topic from the Republic is from Book VII, the allegory of the cave. With the allegory of the cave Plato gives us the power to break the chains that bind us

  • Memory Lane Short Story

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    Memory Lane Fictional Narrative Mason was very outgoing. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He always wanted to go and explore. He always loved his family, especially his brother Collin who was the complete opposite of him. Colin was a redhead with brown eyes. One day, specifically September 23, 2015, Mason was just driving around looking for a way to pass time. He drove around Pennsylvania thriving for something to do in his spare time On his way, he noticed a sign that lead into a cave that looked