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  • Analysis Of A Winter's Tale Op 9

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    Josef Suk was a Czech composer and violinist. In 1894, Suk composed a piece of his works called A Winter’s Tale Op. 9, which was based on Shakespeare. In the beginning years of his career, he was influenced by Antonin Dvorak, who was Suk’s professor at a music academy called Prague Conservatory. In 1898, Josef Suk ended up marrying Otilie Dvorak, who was the daughter of Antonin Dvorak. Within the happy life they lived together, Otilie was impressed with her fathers and husbands works of music and

  • Analysis of Sanaotrium Purkersdorf by Josef Hoffmann Essay

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    Sanatorium and the Fusion of Function and Design Stark white and machine-like from a distance, the Purkersdorf Sanatorium designed by Austrian architect Josef Hoffmann emanates a feeling of sterility. However, the building also exhibits a hint of luxurious charm upon closer observation. As the first major commission for the Wiener Werkstätte company, Josef Hoffmann was determined to introduce his forward looking ideas to the era. Through the sanatorium, Hoffmann successfully demonstrated not only the

  • Josef Mengele : The Angel Of Death Essay

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    Josef Mengele, known to many as the Angel of Death, was one of the most infamous doctors in the Holocaust. Born to a German, upper class, devout Catholic family in 1911, Mengele began feeling a sense of social, religious and racial superiority at an incredibly young age ( In 1931, he joined a nationalistic veteran’s organization and began growing incredibly fascinated by the Nazi regime; reinforcing his already established framework of personal supremacy. At this early stage, the path

  • Victoria Anderson - The Angel of Death

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    silence. The innocent people that were tortured, degraded, and experimented on by one man: Dr. Josef Mengele. This man, or monster, rather, was no striking character in the beginning. Living his early life as the average-Joe, and the rest of it a criminal, he is raw proof that science, the beauty it is, can be used in the ugliest manner. Josef Mengele, born on March 16, 1911, was an ordinary man. Josef was the oldest brother of 3, and the son of Karl Mengele, who, as stated in Posner & Ware’s novel

  • Eva Mozes Kor

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    Not all Jewish survivors had an opportunity to go into hiding during the holocaust, and some of the survivors faced deadly concentration camps from the beginning to the end. The survivors from camps lost everything immediately and hope quickly became a foreign aspect to those in the death camps compared to the Jews holding out in hiding. Eva Mozes Kor and her twin sister Miriam, experienced the horrors of Auschwitz and Dr.Josef Mengele at the young age of ten years old. The young girls had to adapt

  • Auschwitz 's Angel Of Death

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    required to make, no longer applied to them and the prisoners they were “treating”. As I conducted my own research on these doctors, I found that there was one doctor in particular who stood out among the others. A doctor much crueler than the rest, Josef Mengele. He was known as Auschwitz’s own “Angel of death”. “Wherever he sprang up, Death spread its shadow” (Spitz 215). Auschwitz sole purpose was mass extermination, and Mengele quickly took advantage of this. He did not gradually become unethical;

  • The Holocaust : The Most Tragic Events Of History

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    The Holocaust was one of the most tragic events in history. Although, many may deny the horrifying events that took innocent lives away evidence of the medical experiments are able to prove that it did. On January 19 ,1933 The Nazi’s invaded Germany. When dictator Adolf Hitler came to power he took many innocent lives by discriminating against the Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah 's witness, Polish, socialist, Russians, and homosexuals. During the World War II, numerous German Doctors conducted inhumane and

  • Night Reflection Paper

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    The Holocaust, lasting from 1933 to 1945, was a period of time when German Nazis sent Jews, Gypsies, and others ostracized by the Nazis to concentration camps. They were sent to die, and in turn the prisoners got their identity stripped from them. Elie Wiesel, a survivor of the Holocaust was 15 when his town was relocated to the camp Auschwitz. For 11 months, Elie moved from one camp to the next, escaping Death with the skin of his teeth each time. After being liberated in April 1945, Elie went on

  • My Personal Story : The Story Of My Family Story

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    My family story is not about someone who is blood-related, but rather a family friend of my great grandmother. Her name is Eva Mozes Kor, a twin of her sister Miriam, born in nineteen thirty-four. They were born into a family of three other children. They resided a tiny town in Transylvania, Romania. In May of nineteen forty-four, Eva and her family arrived by train car at the concentration camp, Auschwitz. They got down from the train car, where people were chosen to live or die. People were crying

  • Eduard Wirths As A Doctor

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    During World War II, death, experimentation, and being a Jewish person was a fear that all people had to worry about in Nazi Germany from 1939 to 1945; particularly in concentration camps. Eduard Wirths was both a hero and an anti-hero towards his patients, depending on what stance a person takes. Wirths was known to have a sympathetic side to him that was a saving grace for many. However, the experimentation he allowed patients to suffer through in order to gain success for his own research is