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  • Rationalism And Moralism : Thomas Hobbes Vs. Francis Hutcheson

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    Thomas Hobbes and Francis Hutcheson both represent a move towards a materialist and psychologistic explanations of morality. Stemming from the nominalist views characteristic of the early modern period, both thinkers are influenced by a need for clarity, and apodicticity in philosophy in general, along with moral philosophy specifically. Specifically moral claims can and should be reduced to emotions and sensibility rather than some vague notion of "rational nature". Specifically, moral claims can

  • The Philosophy Of Joseph Butler On The First Principle Of Justice

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    Dominik Lapinksi Paul Bloomfield Rasa Davidaviciute PHIL 1104 10/31/14 Supervenience with Perspective to Butler and Rawls In philosophy, the term supervenience is, according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “A set of properties A supervenes upon another set B just in case no two things can differ with respect to A-properties without also differing with respect to their B-properties” (McLaughlin). Literally, self-deceit is a misconception held by a person in favor of it. On the other hand

  • Giving An Account Of Oneself By Judith Butler

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    Giving an Account of Oneself, a compelling piece of work written by Judith Butler, digs deep into what it means to give an account of oneself and how it is nearly, if not entirely, impossible to do such an activity without becoming “a social theorist” (Butler 8). Butler states “the story of my origin I tell is not one for which I am accountable, and it cannot establish my accountability,” (Butler 37) since the story is always changing. We are not able to give our accounts as the accounts we give

  • A Brief Note On Women And Informal Sector

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    1.4 WOMEN IN INFORMAL SECTOR In many studies it is found that among all categories in the informal sector, domestic worker’ income is the very lowest and they face many problems (Sundaram,1966). They are mostly involved in household tasks, which include washing utensils, floor cleaning ,washing of cloths, cooking as well as some outdoor tasks such as purchase of vegetables etc. Most of them live in slums, lead a monotonous life without any colour, struggle in the every day for their survival

  • Ethnography : Servants Of Globalization

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    In Rhacel Parreñas’ ethnography, Servants of Globalization, we analyse the life of the Filipina domestic worker who picks up from her home, moves to another country, and works as a nanny or house-keeper to make a simple wage to send back home. Throughout the ethnography, Parreñas writes about her encounters with numerous Filipina nationals around the world working to make a living. The goal of the ethnography is to publicize and allow people to analyze the injustices on domestic workers that come

  • James Stevens Equality

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    career as a butler. This shows that he has been so conditioned to put his occupation above everything, how it has become his life and identity, and that his sense of identity is tied to his work. One of the pursuits of Stevens’ life is to show dignity. In his opinion, it is the quality that all butlers must show in order to be great. This is what motivates him to devote his life to being a butler. Stevens spends several pages musing on the criteria that should be met in order for a butler to be considered

  • The Human Factor by Graham Greene and The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

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    Stevens is not one to take time off. He dedicates his life to the house. His mind is always on the subject of his job. His actions all concern his role as the butler of the house. He puts it ahead of family, of love, of his morals. He lets the love of his life slip through his fingers because of his devotion to the job. He believes “a butler who is forever attempting to formulate his own 'strong

  • Need For The Study : The Health Problem Of Women

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    Need for the study:- As a researcher myself as women I think women is a pillar of a nation In a country like India women has a given a less respects compared to men in every aspects she get less priority As we talk on health issues women health has neglected in our society the priority for women health given in the society less as compare to men. Women for her family he give her whole life she always neglect her health. The aim of the study is basically to see the health problems of women in their

  • Defining Domestic Service And Workers

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    2.1 DEFINING DOMESTIC SERVICE/WORKERS The term ‘domestic service’ is difficult to define, as the duties of the domestic workers are not so well-defined. In common discourse, the term is defined as a person who is employed. On a part-time or full-time base in domestic service, in the benefit for return payable in cash or kind, for a fixed period. The terms of employment may be expressed or This define, which is based on the task featured, is the most Generally accepted one worldwide. It, hence,

  • Why do females migrate to work as maids? Essay

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    Why do females migrate to work as maids? In general woman will migrate to work as domestic workers for one of three reason. (i) limited or no jobs in their country of origin (ii) the income in there country of origin is not enough to sustain there family; and (iii) to get away from a volatile family situation. Women see working as a maid in another country as way to solve these problems and ways to support there families back home. However the question has arisen once these women from lesser developed