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  • Joseph Cornell Research Paper

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    Joseph Cornell was born on December 25th, 1903, in New York. He spent the first half of his childhood in Nyack, growing up with his brother and two sisters. However, when Joseph was only 13 years old, he and his siblings moved to Long Island with his mother, after the unexpected passing of his father due to leukemia. Perhaps both the absence of a father and his brother’s development of cerebral palsy where what lead to Joseph’s reclusive, yet responsible, disposition. Joseph later attended Phillips

  • Essay On Cat's Cradle

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    Stan Brakhage’s Cat’s Cradle took me on a ride of ecstasy that I can never forget I have taken. After viewing this quick-cut, fast paced, and slightly unnerving piece, my mind did not ever want to view the film again but for some reason I could not resist. This film has no clear throughline narrative, but beautifully illustrates a dreamlike feeling that usually cannot be articulated. The six minute and nineteen second film has so much dense material that needs to be unpacked in order to attempt to

  • Essay About Medical School

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    have been one year back in America for you after getting your diploma from Oxford, and will be going to Weill Cornell Medicine for your PHD in Neurosurgery or Cardiology. Hopefully in your year off we have traveled to Japan for collecting special weapons and already got all the amazing weapons from britain. I bet you are still wondering where you will move after your finished at Cornell, don’t worry though we have it all planned out. After graduating you will move to Canada most likely Tornado or

  • Reflective Essay On Racism

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    to count the passing of time, but in divisive times, the signs are mixed up, and my math cannot seem to count up the holes left by deportations or people who did everything right, but it’s on the ground, then in the ground they are left. I came to Cornell identifying as a son, a brother, a student, a music player and a runner. However, something about a predominantly white institution, or maybe just college generally, made me recognize who I was, or rather what identities people perceive when they

  • Richard Feyman Research Paper

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    Richard Feynman What would you say if you could be a person that changed the way we understand the world around us with new understandings of quantum mechanics? A person that became more than just a renowned physicist and teacher, but became an icon. Well that person was Richard Feynman. During his lifetime, he became one of the most well-known scientist in the world. Feynman not only made many contributions to the world of quantum physics, but was also held in high regards for his amazing ability

  • Why I Want A College

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    leadership, and community service. They include Brown University, Harvard University, Cornell University, Princeton University, Dartmouth University, Columbia University, Yale University, and the University of Pennsylvania. Out of the eight ivy leagues, Cornell University happened to provide the best computer science program because it has its own college of computing and information science. Although Cornell would provide more security in getting a job, I wanted to find more schools that might

  • The Story of Jia Sheng: Coming to America

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    From the early year of his life as a undergraduate student in China, Jia Sheng dreamed of going to America for his advanced education. When he graduated from Liaoning University, he was accepted by Brown University as a graduate student. He thought this was a great oppotunity for his life. Journey from China to America Jia Sheng had a long journey from his hometown Shenyang in Northeast China to Providence Rhode Island in the United States in the fall of 1983. It took him over 14 hours by

  • High School Reflection Essay

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    that I can skip class everyday and still pass with an A average. Despite all the things I didn’t get taught in high school, I did learn some unique aspects that I can reflect on and use for college. The skills I reflect on are annotating, using the Cornell note-taking system, and how to be on time for school. To begin with, the first aspect I reflect on from high school is annotating. Annotating helped me a lot when I was taking final exams and other test. This is one of the most I reflect on because

  • Personal Narrative : A First Generation College Student Essay

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    an alumni, I look back and get all these messages about the events, like Zinck 's Night and all that. I didn 't participate in any of that, the traditional Cornell events. [Instead] we had the Black Gospel festival... Honestly I think if my group of friends and community didn 't seem very involved, weren 't very involved in events like Cornell 's Homecoming and Zinck 's and all that, I didn 't seem very interested in it. Even knowing the history I just wasn 't very

  • What Is Voyeurism In Rear Window

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    I chose to critique a movie called Rear Window, a realist film by Alfred Hitchcock produced in 1954. Starring James Stewart, Grace Kelly and, Wendell Corey. The genre is thriller and the sub genre suspense infused with mystery. Therefore, Rear Window one of Alfred Hitchcock’s highly inspired audience participation films. When a person watches it, he feels, tantalized, shocked, and exhilarated. Further in this essay, I will summarize the plots, discuss the styles used, and deconstruct parts of the