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    Joseph Henry      Joseph Henry lived from 1797 to 1878. Of Scottish decent, Henry was a son of a day laborer in Albany, New York. He was sent to live with his grandmother as a small boy in a village about 40 miles from Albany. At the age of thirteen, be became apprenticed to a watchmaker. He then became interested in theatre and was offered employment as a professional actor, but instead he attended Albany Academy where he was provided with free tuition. He has always been

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    Bishop Joseph Henry Bell, Sr was born on July 17th, 1927 in Northern Philadelphia. From a young age, Joseph exhibited great scholastic aptitude and intelligence. As one of only four African-Americans to be accepted into Philadelphia’s most prestigious High School, Central High School, Joseph graduated at the early age of 16 and enrolled at Howard University in 1944. While at Howard University, Joseph studied medicine with aspirations of becoming a doctor. After graduating in 1944 and realizing he

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    However, it was Samuel Morse that would go down in history for bettering Joseph Henry's invention. Samuel made sketches of a "magnetized magnet" based on Henry's work. He then went on to invent a telegraph system that was a practical and commercial success. Samuel Morse While he was a professor of arts and design at

  • What differences and similarities existed between the development and the social work of the telegraph and the telephone?

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    Introduction The 19th century developments of firstly the telegraph, and later the telephone, opened a gateway to a new, closer, more interdependent world. For a country as large as the United States, with a population now scattered from east to west, the implications were tremendous. The infamous tyranny of time and distance had been conquered. Widespread acceptance and appreciation, however, were not immediate. Both inventions met with initial scepticism, ridicule, and even elements of fear.

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    Danny Carter Mrs. Nardinger Science 25 January 2016 Joseph Henry, The First Smithsonian Secretary Joseph Henry was one of the founding fathers of electrical industry and electrical technology. Transformers, generators, electric motors, radio and the telegraph all function on electromagnetic principles discovered by Joseph Henry. (Engineering Hall of Fame)He was a maestro of the laboratory, skilled in improving apparatuses and devising experiments. He had the reputation as one of the leading American

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    Samuel F. B. Morse was one of the greatest inventors of the 19th century; he was the invention of the singled-wire telegraph machine that influenced the Industrial Revolution in America and the Morse code led way to many future innovations. Samuel Morse was not just an inventor; he was also a painter that did works such as The Chapel of the Virgin at Subiaco and The Gallery of the Louvre 1831 – 1833 to portraits of famous politicians such as John Adams. Samuel F. B. Morse was born in Charleston

  • Describe The Differences Between Joseph Henry And Ann Alexander

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    Honor is something someone earns by doing something admiralty Joseph Henry was born on December 17, 1897 in Albany New York. Joseph was an only child his parents were William Henry and Ann Alexander. Both of his parents families had emigrated from Scotland in 1775 a year before America’s Declaration of Independence. Joseph’s dad worked on a boat sailing the Hudson River but he had poor health he was thought to be an alcoholic. When Joseph was seven he was sent to live with his Uncle, Aunt and Grandmother

  • How Did Joseph Henry And Alfred Vail Created An Electrical Telegraph

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    In 1836 Samuel F. B. Morse, Joseph Henry and Alfred Vail created a electrical telegraph. Which is a device that sends electrical currents over long distances through wires, when received on the other end it could either be shown by a light flashing or heard by a clicking sound. One year after Samuel released the telegraph Charles Wheatstone and William Cooke released an improved version of the electrical telegraph. They invented this so that people were able to send information over long distances

  • Henry Weeks Sanderson, And Edward Hunter

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    The names of these two men are Henry Weeks Sanderson, and Edward Hunter. Sanderson: a previous member of the Mormon Battalion and mayor of Fairview, Utah. Edward Hunter: the third presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and body guard to the LDS Prophet Joseph Smith. These are only some of the major accomplishments and personas linked to the listed men. These two people have changed my history, and the history of countless others. Henry is my fourth Great Grandfather and

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    world. In 1957 New York’s penalty for 1st degree murder was the death sentence. In order for an accused to be convicted 12 jurors must come to a unanimous consensus of a guilty verdict. The film 12 Angry Men directed by Sidney Lumet and produced by Henry Fonda and Reginald Rose is about 12 jurors who are attempting to come to a unanimous decision involving an 18 year old boy who allegedly stabbed his father to death. Within the first five minutes of their deliberation 11 jurors voted for a guilty verdict;