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  • What Are Financial Journal Entries

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    What are financial journal entries? Journal entries are transaction details that are captured on the day that the transaction is conducted in order to maintain accurate financial records. This is one of the basic accounting rules and it helps to ensure that all transactions are recorded as they occur and correct accounting information is maintained. Bragg, (2014) outlines the components that characterize a journal entry and mentions that it basically contains the following information: • The date

  • The Help Analysis

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    black woman, whom is named Aibileen, shares with Skeeter her journal that contains both prayers and in-depth, heart-wrenching stories of her life as a maid. Though I do not have any heart wrenching stories like Aibileen does, nor do I plan to publish an eye-opening book like Skeeter did, I do have a situation on my hands that bothers me. This particular situation slightly reminded me of “The Help” in the sense that I also have a journal I have been keeping about the issue at hand which is bothering

  • My First Term Of College

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    so many ways I don’t know where I can start by listing everything it’s helped me with. While taking the course we were assigned journal entries to successfully accomplish and turn in the next class. These journal entries had an unexpected impact on me, as I learned quite a lot from completing them. One of my favorite journal entries was the “My Life Plan” journal entry, this one in specific made me explore my future and look ahead at what lays ahead of me. Planning ahead can be quite frustrating

  • Journal Entry

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    To My Future Children, I am writing this journal for you so that you will always know our heritage and where you ancestors came from. We may be United States citizens but our culture and homeland is elsewhere. Somewhere I am hoping you will one day visit. Here is a little bit of history about our dear homeland. The island of Puerto Rico (formerly Porto Rico) is the most easterly of the Greater Antilles group of the West Indies island chain. Located more than a thousand miles southeast of Miami

  • Journal Entry Of A Dialectical Journal

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    Journal Entry #2 Happiness is something that all people, no matter what race, gender, or social class, strive for. Based on lifestyle or perspective each person has their independent idea of what happiness is, but everyone shares an end goal to live their definition of a happy life. Many people, though, struggle in finding their way to this goal. They face hardships and challenges that test their happiness every day. Happiness, though somewhat indirectly, does take learning and training to discover

  • Journal Entry: Journal Analysis

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    Topic 6 Journal Entry: Priorities There are four major personal obstacles which I need to overcome on a daily basis, they are; Temporal Lobe damage, chronic pain, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Fibromyalgia. Over the years I have found ways to overcome what some would call disabilities, through constant determination, and prayer. The Temporal Lobe damage has caused short-term memory loss and recall issues. To overcome these issues when I am studying, I have to write down any thoughts the instant

  • Island Journal Entry

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    Journal Entry #1 Hello Journal (or reader if I ever get off this island). My day is over, I just want to go to sleep in my hut, but I feel I should write about this, for the future. I would like to tell you about being here, stranded on an island. It is not fun. Here I am, walking around, then I see a fish. I haven’t eaten for hours so I try and grab the fish. What happens next? The fish bites my finger. I don’t have bandages, so I guess it’s time to make one. You know, being here is really scary

  • Volunteering Journal Entry

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    Journal entry 1 During the seminars we learned a lot about the volunteering needed in the Sartell and St. Cloud areas. Volunteering within in the communities will not only make the organization a better place, but volunteering also will make the community and you, as person, better. They volunteering will be different for each person depending on what location you go. I personally chose Saint Francis as my first choice, because I could be in an elementary classroom. That really stuck out to me because

  • Journal Entry: Curfew

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    Journal entry- 2-14~ I consider myself a less then average person. I mind my business, I don’t bother anyone, my life is just overall boring. I have three best friends that I hang out with every now and then, when I’m not with them, I sit at home and think about how I’m not doing anything with my life. My life of course, needs excitement so it doesn't become unbearable, I feel like every teen can agree with that. Me and my best friends live our lives like there’s no tomorrow when we get together

  • Fallacy Journal Entry

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    Name __________________Isha kabia____________________ Date ______________ Journal Entries from Chapter 11: Thinking Critically and Creatively 1. Fallacies in reasoning are frequently used in advertisements and politics. From your personal experience, describe an example of a fallacy in reasoning. 2. Write a paragraph indicating how you can apply critical thinking to your college courses? I can apply my critical thinking on my college course to identify the inconsistence pattern on any subject