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  • Essay on Racial Discrimination in Obasan and Itsuka by Jow Kogawa

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    of racial discrimination has caused many terrible and tragic events in history such as the holocaust, slavery, and among them is the evacuation and relocation of Japanese Canadians during World War II. In the novels ¡®Obasan¡¯ and ¡®Itsuka¡¯ by Joy Kogawa, the main protagonist Naomi and her family go through the mistreatment and racial discrimination, which occurred to all Japanese

  • Japanese Canadians Essay

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    peace. In reality, the war was not as black and white as that. Though the Axis Powers did commit heinous Crimes against humanity (I.E Holocaust, Murder of millions, Attempt at world domination etc.), the allies also had their own dark moments. Joy Kogawa displays the horrors of the allies’ dark side shockingly accurately in the book “Obasan”. The book talks about the impact of a Loathing Society and internment on

  • The Nature of Power Essay

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    In the book, Obasan, Joy Kogawa uses imagery to convey different symbolic meanings in Naomi's life. Naomi goes through a journey in the novel to uncover the truth of her past. One of the many literary elements that the novel possesses is animal imagery that emphasizes meaning and contributes to the novel's theme. Several animals are mentioned throughout the novel to represent Naomi's emotions and her journey. Kogawa utilizes the several instances of animal imagery in her novel, Obasan, to reveal

  • Analysis Of Obasan By Joy Kogawa

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    In Obasan, Joy Kogawa explores a woman’s past through conflict, themes of silence and prejudice presenting her traumatic story in an unthreatening manner suggesting it is possible to heal from trauma. Obasan is a powerful novel written through the perspective of Naomi Nakane, who is the protagonist of the novel. The novel’s core is based on the memories and experiences of Naomi. The setting is Western Canada and the novel goes back and forth between 1972 and World War II during the internment of

  • The Effects Of Colonialism In Monkey Beach By Eden Robinson And Obasan

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    to the colonialism of Indigenous Peoples and the internment of Japanese Canadians. The effects of colonialism on indigenous culture and the treatment of Japanese Canadians are reflected in the novels Monkey Beach by Eden Robinson and Obasan by Joy Kogawa. The main characters of the novels, Lisamarie in Monkey Beach and Naomi in Obasan, both come to terms with the effects of growing up in minority communities in British Columbia, as well as discovering their own identities, by reflecting on their pasts